MF: Make the Storylines Converge, Please!

I finally figured out what's been bothering me with MF (Modern Family, not MotherF*****). The storylines aren't converging enough! My favorite episodes have involved all three parts of this disparate family coming together: Luke's birthday party, Manny's swordfighting. One of the highlights of this series is seeing these completely different subfamilies ("typical" suburban family, committed gay family, bi-racial and bi-national family) come together. It reminds me a bit of Sex and the City's format; we see each of the girls doing their own thing, but at the end of the day, they always come together to meet for brunch and talk it out. I don't think SATC would have been as effective if it didn't have these four different women coming together as friends to chat things out.

Let's consider this episode. Jay bonds with Manny's father; Phil gets a kidney stone; Cam can't leave Lily when she cries. None of these storylines connect! Not only that, the families never interact with each other-- not even for thirty seconds! Granted, it still had funny moments, but if the creators of Modern Family are going to make a series that lasts, they're going to have to start connecting the three parts of the family more. More family dinners and sleepovers! More events they go to together! As much as I love so much of this show, if the convergence doesn't happen more, I may start tuning out...


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Jan 11, 2010 4:37PM EST

remember phil doing his magic trick

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