Jay Embraces Colombia, Christmas

Jay and his Colombian family were the best part of this episode. The screaming face on the videos? Perfect. The believability of when he told Manny and Gloria they could have no more Colombian meals or traditions? Flawless. Great prank. Jay was lovable and patient, and I liked his character development in this episode.

The other plotlines weren't as thrilling. I have trouble believing that an ornament burnt a cigarette shaped hole in the couch. Plus, you dragged the tree out of the room, dragged it back, and the ornament was still in the same place? I know this show doesn't thrive on believability, but I didn't like the jumps in rationality. The idea of stealing Christmas was cute, but wasn't well-executed. Though how jealous am I that the family gets to go to Italy?

Cameron and Mitchell had a cute but odd storyline. I didn't really dig the drinking Santa. I guess his knife and punching didn't give me warm fuzzies. I wanted something more from this... maybe a cute scene with their daughter?

Overall, I rate it a B-.


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