Luke's Party: Well-Paced, The Perfect Storm

This episode quickly became added to the list of my favorite episode. Everyone of the characters had an important part to play in the "perfect storm" of Luke's party going wrong, and the episode was paced so well that I never got tired of the action. Best of all, the party-gone-wrong resulted in a happy Luke with his cast, which felt appropriately warm and fuzzy while being laughable at the same time.

Personal Highlights:

-Loved loved LOVED Cameron as Fizbo. His interactions with Mitchell, his defense at the gas station... adorable, hilarious, cute!

-LOVED Manny as the hero... this kid is my absolute favorite. (Thank GOD he wasn't still obsessing over Haley... I hated that storyline. Not enough laughs to justify tainting my favorite little kid.)

-Loved Phil-- once again, he is growing on me. This party was every kid's dream, even if it was a little dangerous. He's a cute, if bumbling, father.

-Extension cord as a belt?? LOL!

Could Have Lived Without:

-Alex Being a Brat. Out of all the characters, she remains my least favorite character. Give me something to like!


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