Buffy the Vampire Slayer - episode Doomed review

Well...the episode lacked a backbone. The entire plot made no sense....yes, Angel comes back but it seems that the whole point of his return is to create pointless drama since he is obviously going to leave again. Riley is depressed because he feels that Buffy has a thing for the all-too psarcastic vampire Spike...who by the way is not AUSTRALIAN. I did enjoy/adore this episode and I do love Riley, but it irritated me to know that Buffy is never going to be happy with just one guy. She is too much of an impatient pain to live with one man in her life. If you ask me...she doesn't spark a dependable relationship. Too...Uncertain, undecided. That's why I started bursting into flames once I realised that Riley was leaving...because it was all Buffy's fault. Now Riley was leaving because buffy is a total and complete bitch. UUUUUUUUH!!!


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Jun 1, 2009 6:26PM EDT

Riley didn't really leave because of how Buffy was. He left because the viewers didn't want him. Joss Whedon tried to give Buffy a nice, healthy relationship, but the viewers didn't want it.
Joss said this about the whole Riley/Buffy thing: "That was the problem we ran into with Riley. We said, 'Let's give Buffy a healthy relationship,' and people didn't want it. They did some great work together. But at the same time, when they were happy, it made people crazy. We found this with Willow and Tara, we found it with Gunn and Fred [from "Angel"]. It's fine for a while, but ultimately the course of true love is not allowed to run smooth."

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