Redemption Opening Scenes

I know this is a week too late but something's been really bothering me about the opening scenes of redemption's first episode. During that scene where Samuel was giving some parting words for his brother, they were flashing back on Peter, Tracy, Claire, Sylar, HRG, etc. Then they moved on to several present day scenes i.e. HRG with his wedding ring, Matt with his baby, Peter in the hospital.

What bothered me were the scenes I don't recall or can't place. We saw Sylar running out of the woods wearing pajamas with a police badge emblem sewn on it so I'm guessing it was a metaphor of him being stuck in Matt's body. But what about Tracy opening her door? She had this surprised expression on her face and when I looked closer, the person she was gawking at was a blond female too. Could this be the third sister, Barbara? Or maybe it's the female supervillain I've been hearing about? The Barbara thing makes sense because why else would she be so surprised? Could someone clarify if this was a just a scene from a previous season that I overlooked?


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