Louis Theroux to make Heather Mills documentary

I think it's fair to say that we all like Louis Theroux on TV Scoop and, as far as I'm aware, he's pretty popular with our readers too. With that, it's interesting to note that Theroux's next BBC documentary will be about Heather Mills (according to The Sun). Of course, we all know that Louis goes to places most wouldn't dream, notably maximum security prisons, Sir Jimmy Saville's house, Wrestling camp, and the mind of Chris Eubank. Now, he's to spend time with the most vilified woman in recent pop-history. Of course, the Mills camp is saying that this will provide her with a great opportunity to repair her image.

Heather's people say: "Heather reckons she's been very badly treated by the media so she wants to redress that balance and change people's perceptions." That's not a surprising comment from her representatives... but what does Theroux think? Well, he says: "She'd be fascinating. She needs to show her side of the story which, for one reason or another, isn't coming through."

Of course, being a cynic, I reckon that Theroux has once again, decided to hang around with someone really unhinged to see what happens. After all, he didn't hang around with Neil and Christine Hamilton just to readdress the balance - he knew deep down that they were odder than a sackful of toads. If done right, this Louis Theroux Meets Heather Mills could be one of his best - and weirdest - shows to date.


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