The Office: Season 6 Episode 21: "Happy Hour" Review

This episode started out with a lot of promise. I thought for s second that this episode would focus on Oscar's attempts to ask out that guy from the warehouse. I thought maybe we'd take a break from the same old Michale/Jim/Pam/Dwight stuff and have something a little bit different. Of course, as soon as I thought that, it became clear that that would not be the case. In the end, it was another Michael-makes-an-ass-out-of-himself-but-doesn't-know-it episode. How many times have we seen that?

The Andy and Erin subplot started out with some promise. The conversation about the fax was hilarious and suggested that their relationship was going to prove to be the most amusing one on the program, but it quickly devolved into this thing about trying to keep their romance a secret that was just plain annoying. I get it: Andy is stupid. Michael is stupid. Dwight is stupid. Show me something new!

As seems be more and more often the case with NBC sitcoms, the best moments came from the ensemble characters. Whether it was Creed complaining about being disqualified from the push up contest, or Kelly's "Don't tell me how to spend my tickets," or simply the look and Daryl's face at the end of the credits, it was the small roles that made this episode entertaining for me. My only question is: Why didn't Toby come to happy hour?

Once again, I don't even want to open up the can of worms that is my feelings about Dwight's current story. He was always obnoxious, but obnoxious in a silly and amusing way. These days, he is just a mean-spirited jackass. It makes me sad.


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