30 Rock: Season 4 Episode 16: "Floyd" Review

A solidly absurd offering from TV's wackiest sitcom. This is a show that thrives on one-liners, and this episode had some nice ones. From the opening line about K-Date (I have to get a profile on there right after I sign up for YouFace) to Tracy's remark about how he can never sleep "like this wonderful city we live in," to "I have to go to a intervention for my travel agent," the silly sentences were flying fast and furious. My only complaint is that www.dickviews.com doesn't take you anywhere. My understanding from Conan's hornymanatee.com is that whenever a TV show mentions a URL, they have to buy it. What gives? Has the rule changed?

Anyway, this episode also had three decent plots, but was a little short on Tracy Morgan. Liz's particular problem this week was easy to identify and empathize with. Was it just me or was Floyd's fiance, the one who was supposed to be so hot, kind of scary-looking and skeletal? Seriously, she gave me the heebee-jeebees. Regardless, say what you want about Jason Sudeikis, but I think he's pretty funny. His outburst about getting drunk on Salmon would have been better if the promo for the episode hadn't spoiled it. Sigh. You can't win 'em all

The Danny character has continued to be a pleasant surprise, and it was nice to see that Pete got some good jokes. Still, Tracy is probably my favorite character, and he got relegated to the sidelines. I guess that has to happen every so often. All in all, this was the type of silly fun enjoyable fare I have come to expect from 30 Rock. It did not disappoint.

Sidenote: During this episode I saw another Dr. Spaceman ad for Dr. Pepper. Whoever came up with this ad campaign is a genius. There needs to be more Dr. Spaceman in our lives. Much more.


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