Good idea, Bad movie

I just watched The Strangers. And I thought it was a waste of time.

When i first saw the trailer for it i was toatally stoked and wanting to see this movie really bad because it was different the characters looked creepy and i love scary movies. Lets just say that its possible to sell a movie with an awseome trailer and unfortunatly thats all this movie this has is an awseome trailer. Basically everything they show in the trailer are the best parts in all the movie. the story line was terribble. Guy gets mad at girl, guy leaves, girl gets knock on door, girl gets scared, girl calls guy , guy comes back and gets car vandalized, guy gets mad, que record player creepy old fashioned music 50's, girl guy get scared, girl guy hide in bedroom where hell is written on all the windows, guy finds gun, guy says he never hunted just lied to girl to impress her, que guys best friend who happens to drop in on them at 4am, friends car get window smashed, friend gets scared goes in house, guy shoots friend, friend dies, girl gets mad, guy tries to be a hero and run for help,guy makes girl stay in the house with the masked guy good strategy while he goes for help, guy tries to hide outside, guy is killed by guy in mask or so we think, girl tries to run where she is met by girl #1 in mask, girl goes back in house, masked girl #2 picks up knife, slowly walk toward victim , guy comes flying in through the door big surprise, stops girl from dying. guy in mask knocks them both out, girl guy are now tied up, masked people take off masks, faces are not shown only back of heads how clever, masked girl stabs tied up girl, masked guy tied up guy, cut to a scene of the road in the morning, que screams 1,2,3, que little boys delivering jesus pamplets, masked people stop truck and scar kids without their masks, kid asks if she is a sinner, masked girl #2 says sometimes takes pamplete, masked girl gets in car says it will be easier next time, masked people drive away expect a sequel, little boys find girl guy dead on floor blood everywhere, boy touches girl, girls not dead, girl screams loud for shock value, movie ends roll credits, lame


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Oct 27, 2008 12:05PM EDT

ha ha u pretty much summed it all up!!! lol totally could have been better!! was not impressed by this movie at all!

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