A way to beat the megavideo audio problems

It seems that most of the new megavideo links are going out of sync in regards to the audio not matching the video at the right time.

To counteract this I find it helpful to open the link twice using different tabs and then use one tab for video and one for sound, this means you can then pause the audio for a second or so in order to allow the video to catch up with the sound whenever they become too separated.

I hope this helps,

If you need clarification just ask, I don't think I explained the method very well


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Oct 14, 2008 5:26PM EDT
That's really clever, thanks. If only Megavideo would stop saying I'd watched x amount of video today and I must wait x amount to watch some more.
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Oct 14, 2008 5:45PM EDT
No problem, the way I stop the other problem is to unplug my router and then plug it back in, although I have wifi so I'm uncertain as to whether it'll work for everyone but it seems to do the trick with me
Oct 14, 2008 7:02PM EDT
That is the best idea I've heard in such a long time!!Thanks both of you!! xox
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Oct 14, 2008 7:10PM EDT
Bloody megavideo !when the sound doesn't match the vid,can't watch more than 76 mn of video...
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Oct 14, 2008 7:28PM EDT
Aggrivating. From what I heard it is the cause of videos being uploaded in improper format. Like Avi instead of FLV. Maybe someone can get the word out to the uploaders so we can get this fixed.
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Oct 14, 2008 7:32PM EDT
oh so this doesn't only happen to me!!! haha i thought the link was crap... thanks for the tip vaselineGibbon!!!!!
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Oct 14, 2008 8:24PM EDT
Megavideo is only letting me watch 62 minutes. By the time I got the audio matched up with the video in two tabs, Mega Video stops and says I have watched 62 minutes. I still had 16 minutes of Dexter to go. Maybe someone can get the word out use something other than Mega Video.
Oct 14, 2008 8:37PM EDT
I have found that if you dont pause the video at all after you start it the audio/video is fine, but the moment its paused and started back up its out of sync.
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Oct 14, 2008 8:51PM EDT
Yeah someone, figure out the time limit with Megavideo, its putting a stop to alot of our fun.If I was hosting Dexter shows I'd take care of it, but I am only in the position to bitch and moan :/Good Luck hoster's !~
Oct 14, 2008 9:44PM EDT
Try Ninjavideo.net HiDef excellent quality and In-Sync!-It's divx so you need the divx player - but excellent!
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Oct 15, 2008 5:58AM EDT
Yeah everyone defiantly try ninjavideo,I watched dexter and entourage on there yesterday, the videos take a bit longer to long but they are awesome DVD like quality, and u have to click on the beta help link below the video for it to play, but just read the screen and it will explain it.
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Oct 15, 2008 10:37AM EDT
OMG I love you! hahaha
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Oct 15, 2008 4:57PM EDT
That's genius!! I wonder why I never thought of it?
Oct 16, 2008 12:18PM EDT
Yesterday megavideo said you have watched 0 mins today and have to wait 1 min to watch... but it didn't let me watch after 1 min! Megavideo is very bad now! And 80% of the links go to megavideo!Damn!!!
Oct 16, 2008 1:24PM EDT
Supernova tube the way to go, if only you could search on it. I m not really sure but sometimes megavideo comes up as 117.megavideo and it works wifout sayin I need to wait 62 mins before i can watch stuff. Is this a different site? Ninjavideo takes ages to load anything, or it did on the few times i tried to watch anything on it and I do mean ages like youku's main site player.
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Oct 16, 2008 6:55PM EDT
Please don't use ninjavideo, its so slow. Supernovatube is the way to go now, they've even just added divx support and it is LIGHTNING fast.
Aug 2, 2009 1:16PM EDT
vaselineGibbon you are a genius... Thanks! x
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Nov 26, 2009 2:24AM EST
use clipnabber to download flvuse vlc to play the flvuse f and g keys in vlc to shift the audioI find I need -400ms shift every commercial break
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Apr 17, 2010 8:06PM EDT
@Andreworth-dude that clipnabber site is awesome! I don't recommend using the sync method vasselineGibbon suggested- I used to do the same thing when it was hard as hell to find streaming links. Nowadays its easier to find a another, working link.Besides- you can never get it quite right using that method. And combine that with Megavideo's 64 minute limit- it means you cut that limit into half.
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