The Deal with Izzie - On-show drama and Real world speculation

I have to say I think the mediocrity of the past couple weeks was time well spent building up to this week's show - which was great in my opinion. Then there's Izzie and the millions questioning where she is going.

Hope this isn't a spoiler for anyone and correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there some drama a while back about how Katherine Heigl (Izzie in real life) rejected even being nominated for an Emmy because she thought the writers hadn't written a good enough part for her to deserve the Emmy; then, people claimed she was asking to leave the show to pursue her film career which was taking off as her character on Grey's was sinking. So, what if the Denny thing really brings her down...and out? What if the Denny drama actually makes for the perfect character drama to get her character to leave the show while allowing her real life person to pursue her movie career?

My prediction: Hahn's issue with Izzie on the heart transplants has not been resolved. So...Hahn (while she doesn't return), she can threaten to cite the hospital transplant violations and Izzie will be forced to face the facts and will have to graciously quit or will be fired. Alternatively, she could actually just be crazy and bring herself down with some inane psychological drama or some other mishap. I prefer the former for its wider implications on the hospital and for the fact that that's a real way to go out. Thoughts?


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Nov 24, 2008 11:07AM EST

Brain tumour.

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