Get Smart movie

(Get Smart movie review)

As one of the writers of the original “Get Smart” TV series, I was sadly disappointed by the new “Get Smart” movie--I can’t understand why remakes don’t at least talk to the original material writers. Maybe it’s kind of, “I want to do it myself, mom.”

That said, for the writers of the next remake, here’s a tip: The essence, the fun of the Don Adams character was his child-like confidence and his bravado (not unlike the character often played by Bob Hope) presaging the inevitable catastrophic blunder. “Sorry about that.” Seeing a man slip on a banana peel is funny. Seeing a pompous man slip on a banana peel is infinitely funnier.

Any writer charged with vetting agent 86 should start by studying the origin of the character--Don’s early nightclub routines. His defense attorney bit: “Look at those trim ankles, the well turned calf. Now I ask you. Are those the legs of a homicidal maniac?”

Joseph C. Cavella


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