No complete ending to Eastwick

When they announced the cancellation of Eastwick the creators issued a statement through Entertainment Weekly that they were given no time to give a complete ending to the show and were very disappointed. That's why there were new characters introduced and changes in other characters right at the end. I'm sure the plan was to introduce the new characters and situations for the next set of episodes that were to be created.

Many shows end on a cliffhanger because the creators assume they will be picked up for more episodes. Just to name a few... Caroline in the City, My Name is Earl, Dark Shadows (newer version), Dynasty ( Although concluded in a mini-series a few years later), Dallas (same situation) and Carnivale.

The ending of the last episode shown was actually not a bad way to end it. The girls and Darryl were back together having fun, with just a few loose ends left dangling.

I do hope Lifetime picks this show up. It would make a nice fit on Lifetime. I also hope that ABC would at least show the remaining shows online. I would like to know how Joanna and Kat made it out of their situations, and what Bun and the Cybill Shepard character had to say about their actions.

Anyway, it was good while it lasted. Thanks for listening.


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Jan 4, 2010 1:58PM EST

Very true, 'Eastwick' was a very good series, I liked it. Unfortunately it was canceled, and there is only one episode left to air but it is unknown when that will be but it will eventually. We saw episode 12 and skipped episode 11 because of the air time but we saw a glimpse of what happened in episode 11 at the start of episode 12.

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