Is There Enough Talent?

After watching the most recent episode, I feel like the top 5 designers aren't talented enough for Fashion Week. Althea and Irina are ok, but Carol-Hannah, Jordana and Christopher seem to be slacking lately. I think this is the most untalented season of Project Runway yet. I hope Season 7 is much better.


Oct 30, 2009 4:14AM EDT

Yep, I agree, this season's talents are just lacking compared to the previous ones. I have to say the only thing I appreciated from Logan is his looks! I think Irina's going to win this, she's the best of them all. Althea comes at a close second, but both of them can't really compare to Cristian Syriano or Jillian Lewis, or even last season's Kenley!

Default avatar cat
Oct 30, 2009 5:23AM EDT

Ugh. I agree. Not only are they as a whole untalented and lacking in innovation, the judges are letting them get away with it. I'm also I'm confused as to why everyone, including the judges, think Irina is so great. Nothing she makes hasn't been done to death already.I just want to pretend this season never happened.

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