"Do Not Disturb" Nah, go ahead! I Like It!

Last night was the premiere of a new Fox sitcom called, "Do Not Disturb" starring Niecy Cash and Jerry O'Connell.

I tuned in with great anticipation and finally, glee! (When have I ever used the word glee????).

While I enjoyed the first episode and have high hopes for future ones, I was most impressed with the writing for and the actress of the character "Jolene" (ironically the actresses name?). Not just the typical t.v. "fat girl", she's a plus size model and not afraid to say so! I love her! I wanna know more about her. I won't give away the end of the episode, but it rocked me world I was so elated by it!

I really thought this would be more Niecy Nash focused, but it seems Jerry O'Connell is the "star"...I guess. His character is a typical t.v. womanizer without conscience. Boring. But Niecey's character tries to reel him in while losing herself completely in the arms of a co-worker. Oops! Ha! Loved it!

Also, it features a gay character who is in a long term relationship! Nice! And James Franco's Brother, David. He's cute...goofy...I heart him! Can't wait for more episodes and more tidbits about Jolene's character!!! Yay for once, Fox!


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Sep 21, 2008 3:51AM EDT

yep! you said it... i liked her, even on the 2nd episode. & this sitcom has got me laughing hard... hilarious! funny funny....

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