Maybe not that great. Or just too much?!

Hi, I'm a fan of 24, watched season 1-6, some of them several times. Season 6 is currently in german TV and I really like the show. I will watch season 7 just as curious and captivated as the previous 6 ones, but I have to say that I'm also a little bit bored of it. I think there are too many repititions (I'm mainly talking of Season 6, previous ones are not absolutely present in my memory..): Traitors inside of the CTU, conflicts between CTU-Agents, The good ones forced to trust untrustworthy people, and of course the heroic Jack Bauer who has to break some laws to succeed and in the end saves everyone. I mean, some things make sense to repeat and it's still a very exciting show, but these things just annoy me.

Maybe 6 seasons were already too much. I think (although I like him) it might be time to replace Jack Bauer. It's a tricky thing, I know, but as often as he got rehired as an agent... Come on, this gets ridiculous!



Default avatar cat
Aug 10, 2008 12:59AM EDT

I think ur right about season 6 being repetitive and boring...but i dont think the solution is replacing jack bauer...i think the show just needs to die...6 seasons is enough...and although its very captivating...24 episodes per season of the same kinda thing over and over again is gonna get old.Dont get me wrong, 24 is one of my favorite shows ever, but i think 24 has gone as far as its gonna go.

Default avatar cat
Aug 11, 2008 4:56AM EDT

Season 7 promises to take it to another level. Let's hope, because I really like this show. I watched all six seasons back to back, which made for a lot of annoyingly obvious repetitions within the show even worse than if I'd watched it as it aired. However, I think there are a lot of elements that touch people on a personal and emotional level, that seems to be what keeps it going...and as long as it remains popular, it will keep on keepin' on. I think I remember reading somewhere that they are already locked on to another 3 seasons after the 7th.

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