So now we know...

Remember the end of episode 3? The thingy that flew away from Destiny?

Well for me it looks like it was a shuttle of our new blue foes. I think they were already on the ship when our earthlings came through the stargate. Then they watched them a little bit and left. Maybe that's why they 'speak' english.

What are your thoughts?



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Apr 3, 2010 6:45PM EDT

thought they had that mind reading device and the "prisoner" (don't want to be a spoiler so I won't name names) so they shoulda been able to get enough english outta that guys mind to be able to write that message

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Apr 4, 2010 4:28AM EDT

Agreed on the shuttle. I can't think of a reason the aliens keep at a distance though, instead of just killing everyone on board and take the ship themselves. They don't really look like they need the technology, and they seem to be more interested in human fysiology than outdated ancient tech.

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Apr 5, 2010 4:38PM EDT

according to pre-series-plot, aliens are interested in the huge energy-capacity of the Destiny.The closer to "the center of the universe" you get, the less usably energy there is, that's why the aliens want destiny to "harvest" it's energy.
I think they didn't pursue their attack, because they know quite well that they have to wait for a special moment, because they don't stand a chance in direct fight without wasting energy.
I do agree on the shuttle and the prisoner-theories of yours though.

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Apr 9, 2010 9:01AM EDT

It's more reasonable to assume that they gleaned what English they knew from the English-speaking human whose mind was connected into their neural network. If Rush had enough time to use their network to study the structure of the ship, then the developers of said tech surely could have learned how to say "Surrender." I do like the idea of energy-conservationists though.

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