Two thumbs up

Ghost Adventures is one of the best paranormal shows on tv now. I used to watch others, but none of those can compare to the reality of paranormal investigating like this one does. The way that they do their investigations and their reactions to the unknow makes you believe that the show is real. I believe it is real because I have done these investigations myself. Aaron Goodwin makes this show even more watchable with his quirky reactions and humor. Zak Bagins is a great leader of the show in the way he puts himself out there. Nick Groff is one of the bravest people I have seen on this type of show because he puts himself into situations that no one would want to be in. The show is all around great.



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May 12, 2016 3:46PM EDT

I have to ask is GA really the best paranormal show...REALLY?
Zak walks around these awesome ghost sites in his casual LA Gear outfit, almost like he's paid by Jordace to wear their jeans.
I like the conscept but the reality is, it ALWAYS looks staged and over dramatic. Come on, three late 20s early 30s guys scared by a noise or a bump in the night. I can see if you got thrown across the room but a bump in a 100 year old building. My house makes more noise than that and I'm not scared---Zach/Nick/and 3rd guy that's called settling.
This show is definately 95% entertainment and 5% ghost hunting.


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Dec 7, 2012 5:21PM EST

Ok I really love ghost adventures but there is this other show that tops it off!! Dead Files!! Zac is so hot

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