The Vampire Diaries Recap/Review - Episode 19 "Miss Mystic Falls"

Juiced up Stefan is almost like Superman on red Kryptonite. He cruises up to school in his classic sports car sporting shades like a rebel without a cause. The new Salvatore can also dance this week, but maybe that's just because he was around when the dance was invented. Unfortunately this can't go on much longer because the bad far outweighs the good. Well it was fun to see Stefan smile while it lasted.

The Good

Bonnie is finally back! Though she still holds a chip on her shoulder for Elena and her vampire brothers, because with the tomb vamps released it's like her Grams died for nothing. But hey, at least she spoke with Caroline when she was away. While Caroline reappears this episode suddenly Matt has to work, can these two not get some face time together? At least she wins the Miss Mystic Falls.

Anna and Jeremy get over the fact that he was using her to become a vampire to be reunited with Vicki, because she was using him to get his blood to give to her mother. He has mixed feelings about Elena's diary but overall he's glad he doesn't remember Vicki wanting to hurt him. Anna confesses she would never do anything to hurt him.

With Stefan MIA, Damon gets to escort Elena at the Founder's Court. I dare say they even looked like they enjoyed the dance. The chemistry is undeniable, and I can't wait until Kevin Williamson decides to explore this relationship.

It's also ironic to find Damon the responsible brother worried about the council finding out about them. Stefan says, "Have my actions negatively impacted you? I can't imagine what that must feel like." Pearl apologizes to Damon, so they get to stay in Mystic Falls.

The Bad

Uncle John is after a mysterious invention John Sr. created from 1864 that apparently is some sort of vampire detection device. He also lies to Jeremy about the ancestor saying his diary was the ramblings of a madman. John's threat to make Damon help him backfires as Damon said if you tell the council about me then I will kill every member, then cut off your hand, take the ring off and kill you. Now that John knows Anna is Pearl's daughter this is only the beginning.

Stefan is showing all the signs of an addict. Lying to Elena and Damon about "using." Stealing from the blood bank.

The Ugly

Stefan sounds eerily like a serial killer, well I guess that's technically what vampires are. Perhaps Damon just makes it look more suave. "I want to kill you. I want to rip into your skin. I just want one taste." The point of no return is when he almost drains Amber, unknowingly with an audience. If Bonnie hadn't "mindfreaked" him, who knows what would have happened. Elena drugs Stefan with a needle to the back, and she and Damon camp outside the dungeon preparing for an unconventional intervention.

Favorite quotes of the episode:

"Less doom and gloom, more pep in your step." Damon

"Would you prefer me to be brooding and tortured?" Stefan


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