Brothers & Sisters Recap/Review - Episode 20 'If You Bake It He Will Come'

In the wake of what was arguably one of the best episodes this season, Kevin celebrates another year of life after realizing his life-altering accident. While it's up in the air whether he will blow out the candles on the cake, the rest of the Walker clan have their own fires to put out.

At Ojai the bank calls in the loan which means no more capital, land, or building. "What happened to the two million dollars I gave you last month?" asked Rebecca. Holly isn't willing to risk her daughter's money.

Scotty doesn't want Nora to go to any trouble over a dinner that the guest won't be attending. Nora must have been listening to George Michael's "Faith" because no one is going to stop her from loving her son, and to her that means stuffing squab.

Sarah has not only finances to deal with, but her French beau is crossing the pond imminently. Robert is going all 007 for a job interview, only revealing the position would mean relocating to D.C. When everything is falling apart who knew how important carrots, onion and celery were? Reality is perception and this "Field of Dreams" mantra catches on to the rest of the family.

Tommy and Kevin negotiate with Dennis York, while Justin pours water. Without the leverage of blackmail they refuse to sell the company. Instead they try to give him a percentage of Narrowlake's profits. York emotionally attacks Kevin saying his dad thought he was weak. He's betting on failure and getting fire sale prices in six months.

Scotty is waiting on pins and needles to hear the results on their last chance to become parents. The geological survey of the land appears bleak. Rebecca reassures Holly that no matter what happens with the money she put into the company she's always going to be there for her mom. Kevin and Nora have a heart to heart. She's always known he was gay, and she didn't want him to have to deal with the rough world before he was ready to.

Robert didn't get the job because his heart rate is too fast for their criteria. They decide to be happy anyway and go to the party. The toasts range from worst birthday, worst investment, losing love, and not having any. The Walkers dinners are never boring. Scotty and Kevin find out the surrogate is half-way pregnant, but they are all the way happy. All's well that ends well.

Is anyone else tired of the he's leaving, he's staying, he's leaving again storyline with Luke? Rob Lowe is not returning next season, so will Robert have a heart attack? I for one am glad Kitty drama didn't overshadow this episode.


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