'The Vampire Diaries' Recap/Review: Episode 18 - Under Control

How does that old saying go? "Secrets secrets are no fun, they can hurt everyone." That's an understatement in Mystic Falls.

Stefan adds another tortured dimension to his character, and does so in a wife beater with a great set of guns. Clearly everything is not "Under Control'. Damon enjoys watching his brother struggle with the first stages of detox, which includes working out profusely to loud music.

Uncle John gets a cold welcome home from his Gilbert family. He's back for the Founder's Day party, and to stop Jenna from selling his brother's office. Apparently there's no love lost between John and Jenna. Jeremy asks his uncle why she hates him so much and he says "we use to sleep together." He proceeds to get hit in the face by a UFO courtesy of auntie.

Stefan and Elena get hot too soon after he's had a taste of her blood type. Stefan gets vampy eyes, but flings himself backwards across the room against a wall so as not to hurt her. He goes on a binge and fights to take the edge off by turning to the bottle.

Elena invites Damon into her house. He makes himself comfortable on her bed cuddling a teddy bear, pulling a bra out of her drawer, and plucks a picture from her dresser. Elena doesn't even bat an eye. She seems to be getting use to his antics.

Jeremy and Tyler struggle with Vicki's death, but something doesn't sit right. If she overdosed why was she buried? Elena discovers Jeremy wrote a history paper on vampires. She feels guilty for keeping things from him, but she's "protecting him." Elena finally reveals at least one secret to Jeremy by telling him she's adopted.

In alternate universe fun Stefan compels DJs to play good music, and like most drunk people, mistakingly think they can dance. Damon gives Elena a rose and she didn't seem repulsed. Matt and Tyler score a bottle at the party. Matt's mom is glad to find vodka in Tyler's cup. They bond over how bad they both were to Vicki, so they make out. Matt attacks his buddy but ends up mauled while Tyler doesn't have a scratch.

John tells Damon he knows that he let the vampires out of the tomb. Damon walks away but on second thought super speeds back over and breaks his neck, throwing him off the roof to the ground. Stefan gets distracted by the blood on cougar's forehead and it's finger-licking good.

Jeremy gets upset with the sheriff because no one seems to be interested in the truth about Vicki's death. Elena says whatever happened to Vicki she's gone, but when you can't look your brother in the eye you send some serious red flags. So he breaks the sibling code and reads her diary. Silly Elena wrote "bodies drained."

The unlikely duo Alaric and Damon don't like the odds of John having the same ring, and being alive five minutes after his death. Alaric got his ring from Isobel, Elena's birthmother and coincidentally adopted by John's brother. They follow John outside where he confesses he never would have given his ring to Isobel if he knew she would just turn around and give it to Alaric. He inherited the ring he's wearing from his dead brother. John sent Isobel to Damon so he would "turn" her, and he also knows Katherine.

Alpha male mayor slaps his son for embarrassing the family. Matt packs a bag and tells his mom to get out of the house and his life.

Stefan comes clean about what he's going through. Sounds like some serious withdrawals. Heartfelt scene where Elena says I'm not afraid of you and they confess their love. Be careful, as soon as a couple gets close in TV land it's doomed. Damon leaves a glass of blood on the table, saying "it's harder this time." Stefan falls off the wagon.

Favorite Damon quotes:

"You ask I come, I'm easy like that."

"No, Elena, I will not go to your bedroom with you."

"I just love that they love me."

"The council is back in vampire mode, and I just killed Uncle Gilbert. Great party by the way."


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