Economic Crisis Hits Entertainment Industry

Lately my attention has been drawn to the fact that the US' economic crunch is affecting the entertainment industry, and how it's been affected.

We see the proof in the budget cuts made to keep shows like Chuck on the air. This isn't the only example though. Instead of creating new shows, networks have taken to purchasing shows created and viewed in other countries.

NBC's The Listener has practically gone around the world already. Their other new series premiering in June, Merlin, was filmed and viewed previously in the UK. ABC Family's Sophie recently ended it's stint on CBC (Canada), and Secret Diary of a Call Girl was filmed in the UK and began airing on Showtime a year after it started on ITV2 (UK).

Do you feel that buying shows from other countries and showing them in the US works? Or is this just another way that the country is losing money by not filming and creating shows here?



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Jun 6, 2009 1:57PM EDT

It always depends on the show, I'm sure the economy is one very strong reason for purchasing premade shows and airing it on american television, but I think they still try very hard to keep a standard for the television shows they do air. Also, it isn't only canadian shows getting picked up on american tv, because I believe that The Beast was just picked up by FOX. So yeah I think it works, it's cheaper, it keeps the economy going and as long as the tv shows they air are good, I'm cool with the concept.

Feb 2, 2011 7:12AM EST

Is there any reason why shows from other countries are inferior to those made in America? I realise your comment is more about the American economy than the quality of shows, but you should be thankful it's a good thing that you have the opportunity to view TV shows from around the world that have proven to be successful in their own countries. I live in Australia and so much of our television is bought from the US. I travelled to Europe recently and it's the same there. Our film and television industries need support as much as or even more than yours and you never know what you could miss out on if you limit yourself to shows that are made in America. I realise completely your need to support your own industry and your economy but other countries are capable of making brilliant TV as well. It has worked for countries worldwide including Australia and Britain for years, and America will pretty much always dominate the industry. I feel that remaking international shows in America is a poorer budget choice (Such as the American remake of "Life on Mars", which in my opinion lost a lot of the british style that defined the show when it was remade) as you lose the opportunity to see what other people around the world are producing, shows which are equally valid and worth watching. Think what the comedy industry would be without Monty Python's Flying Circus, or what my country's tourism industry would lose if people in America hadn't seen Crocodile Hunter. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Jan 30, 2012 3:37AM EST

I do agree with Kelly Michael... look at shows like being human... I had the chance to see the whole UK Show...really great if you are into the genre, but the US version is just a pure joke. Then look at some of the classical Scyfy shows such as the Stargate family... these are Canadian shows, so is Sanctuary.. These shows really are no worse than some US shows. Then some great TV shows that never would make it to the US are the police series from Schimansky...These are probably to realistic and violent for the US public. Do not get me wrong the US has a great film industry and does good work but most of the Remakes were a total loss... want an other one... TAXI is a nice example, the French original was such a blockbuster all over the world... except in the US where it was never shown, that they made 3 sequels. Speak about culturally limited. Admit that elsewhere in the world great movies are made, and that it most of the time is not well done when they are redone here in the US. The same is valid the other way around. Just as a hint, the great some of Frank Sinatra, a "real american classic" .. "I did it my way"... well, was not even the original, not even close. Iy was originally a song called "comme d'habitude", by Claude Francois, an Egyptian, that became famous in France. Just to say that In my opinion, the originals most of the time are kept as the better version, regardless of done in the US or not. It is just that the US film-industry is better in exporting the films. Morality .... stop bashing on the other countries, just think that if they stopped buying the US series, well that would cost the Industry even more, then if the shows would not even play in the US. If the other countries were as narrow minded as some US viewers....that export would stop, or reduce so much.

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