Nurse Jackie-Review

Nurse Jackie is a new series on Showtime starring Edie Falco and Peter Facinelli. Edie Plays Jackie, a drug addicted, philandering nurse with two kids, a husband, and a doctor she screws for drugs. Although she has all these personal issues, she is an amazing nurse. Edie Falco shows caring and compassion for her patients. If I've seen Edie in anything before, it must not have been good enough to stick in my brain, this time she will.

Peter Facinelli is hilarious in his role as Dr. Cooper. He's a pompous ass with a turrets type syndrome that makes him grab/ touch people inaproprietly when he is nervous or stressed. This is a completely different role from his "Twilight" doc portrayal, and I have to say I love his acting more, the more I see him.

Although it had a slow start, I am definitely intrigued by Nurse Jackie. The interaction of the characters with one another, along with the way the cast performs as a whole, will have me coming back next week for more. Thank you Showtime, for another great addition to the weeds, and dexter network.


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