Who's who in the dollhouse?

After tonights episode we discover a plot with the NSA. However, Im not sure the real culprit was caught. Im thinking there's another spy in the house, and they work for Alpha. Im starting to wonder whether Ms. Dewitt is a real person, or an imprinted doll as well. Anyone else have their own theories? Or maybe you agree with mine?




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Apr 11, 2009 2:13AM EDT

I think that both the NSA and Alpha had someone in that house. They caught one of the spies for sure, but the question still remains who is the other?
I think it could be the doctor...we did find out in this episode that she never leaves the Dollhouse...it could be that she survived Alpha's rampage b/c she was his ally and now his spy; she may have only got cut up as part of her cover. Or she might also not leave the Dollhouse b/c she's totally freaked over what happened with Alpha and that might be the only place she feels safe b/c he's out in the world somewhere now.
I think Ms. Dewitt is a real person, I just think she might be cracking up under the pressure of her job. I think all the people that worked there are totally cracked in some way. Like our Ace Handler, now chief of security, landed this job b/c he went through some crazy horrible stuff b/c he seems to be a pretty good guy. It doesn't fit that he would have a job like this unless he cracked over something else. Topher is an ego driven nutter from the get go. And what up with his assistant? How do you go about getting a job as assistant to the mad scientist of a super secret illegal organization? As a doll, I would want to peace out just b/c everyone in charge is unstable...

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Apr 11, 2009 3:44PM EDT

We are certainly being led to believe the real spy (not Dominic) is Dr. Saunders, so [knowing Joss Whedon] I wouldn't be too surprised if it were someone else. The evidence in favor of her being the spy was build up in last week's episode, "Needs". Her plan to imprint the dolls with their former real-life personalities minus the knowledge of who they really were could mean one of two things: she wants to stop the Dollhouse (either allied with Alpha or on her own) and wanted to get a feel of what would happen should a true awakening be made possible (and possibly knowing Echo would find a way to contact Ballard), or she is on the side of the Dollhouse and perhaps saw in Echo the beginnings of another Alpha and wanted to correct it (along with the other glitching dolls). I think we are made to want to believe it is her, though there is still that bit of uncertainty. That is Joss for you!
In the case of Ms. DeWitt, I agree she is a real person under a tremendous amount of stress with her job. She puts on a tough face at work, but we got to see on the inside she is a lonely person. She can't talk about her work with anyone, which in turn has isolated her from having a normal life. It has become so bad that she had created a program within Victor so she could have the feeling of having someone who cared for her and who she could safely confide (since his memory would always be wiped). Because of the burden she bears, she could provide the twist and be the unsuspected spy.
And as for Ivy and everyone who works for the Dollhouse, I'm sure it is understood that these are not jobs one can just go out and get--there are lots of standards that have to be met for a person to work there. We know that employees basically sign their lives over to the organization, and we saw last night the consequences of not following the rules. In the case of Dominic we saw that employee termination at the Dollhouse is...well...not like being fired from a normal job!

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