True Blood too much!

The season opener was actually a let down for me. I found the acting so be sub par and the writing even worse. The homo erotic scene between Sam Tramell and Steven Moyer was laughable at best, and the scene between Alexander Skarsgard and Evan Rachel Wood was so over the top I couldn't watch. This is one of my favorite shows on tv, yet I am continuously asking myself, 'why?' Of course I will continue to watch, because for some reason I don't understand, Im addicted to the outrageous plots and horrible acting.



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Jun 14, 2010 3:33PM EDT

Like you, I didn't really get what the Sam/Bill scene was supposed to mean - there didn't really seem to be a point to it. We've gone two full series and Bill hasn't hinted at an attraction to Sam before, so why bother now? Will Sookie be p****d when she finds out? Can't imagine what the point was. I feel, like you, that there were too many pointless scenes in it this time - there was no clear path, the queen, as usual, was just silly, not sinister, and much as I enjoy watching attractive guys in the buff, I usually like a bit of context, and this week there wasn't. So, like you, I will keep going. But frankly, it'll take more than t&a to keep me interested. It reminded me of a quote by a Polish actress many years ago in the UK. She was asked if she minded doing so much nudity on the tv and she said no, they do it all the time in Eastern Europe, because the scripts are so bad they have to keep people watching by getting naked. Don't go in that direction, True Blood.

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Jun 14, 2010 3:48PM EDT

I think after the vamps feed someone the receiver starts to have erotic dreams about the vampire (e.g. explained when sookie tasted erics blood)...also it didn't actually happen so obviously it is unnecessary to wonder why Bill hasn't shown any previous homosexual tendencies in the past it was a dream.

Jun 14, 2010 3:52PM EDT

Either way, it was a pointless scene in my book and very badly acted.

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Jun 14, 2010 4:04PM EDT

Like the above person said, they made it pretty clear that the Sam and Bill scene was Sam's dream (the phone starts ringing in the dream and Bill tells Sam not to answer it and then we see Sam roll out of bed and answer the still ringing phone.) The point of the scene was the content of the call which leads Sam to his family. They put the dream in to show that Sam drinking Bill's blood back in the Season 2 finale is influencing him just as it has influenced others that drink vampire blood in the past. Who knows, that might be the start of a coming subplot.
Personally, I liked the episode. It went very quickly and smoothly, and it continued everyone's story lines in order to set them up for what will happen next. This was a set up episode to start off the main plots for the season, and I think it really succeeded. So, while no plot was pushed all that far, everything was set up. Here is what we have started:
Sam about to find his family (which will obviously lead to a big change for him or something similar).Jason eaten up by his consience while he and Andy try and hide the fact that they murdered Eggs.Tara eaten up by greif (aka very very vulnerable for something or someone to take advantage of her, and knowing this show that will happen).Sookie searching for BillBill running from werewolves (who seem to have something against him or they would not have chased him down again after he escaped).Arlene pregnant.Eric and Sophie Ann pushing vampire blood in secret and the Magister has gotten wind of something.Hoyt still likes Jessica.Jessica is not quite up to par with all her vampire abilities and she can't control herself.
For most shows, setting up all of those plots would take at least 2-3 episodes. True Blood successfully did it in 1. I am sure things will slow down to a normal pace next week.

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Jun 15, 2010 12:21AM EDT

I agree with devs711, the show was very smooth setting up for a lot of subplots, another show could have taken much longer or done it rather abruptly, that its all over the place. But, I didn't feel the beginning episode to be sloppy in the way it introduced all the possible subplots to come in the story.
I thought it was funny and smart, and kept with the spirit that we have come to know in the show...
I wouldn't be dissapointed if the show kept this pace, it would be a lot of fun watching everything at the intensity of this pace, not to mention fun going back and seeing what you missed. You would never get tired of watching a same episode :D
Also, if we consider the third book in the book series, a lot happens that the show has to be able to capture in 12 episodes, as well as keep up with pervious plots that they have established in previous seasons and they also have to add events from the future books, or else, the show would run 10 seasons long - do you see the problem?
So it's no surprise the show is moving a lot faster and I think they're doing a great job of pulling everything off so smoothly. Yay, for True Blood!!!
Perhaps the reason you can't stop watching is because, really, compared to other things on TV right now, this is the best we are going to get . . . hahahah, or maybe the show is just really good at heart!!!!!!! I go with the second one ;)

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Jun 15, 2010 10:27PM EDT

this did not feel like your traditional season premiere probably because it picked up right where we left off and continued to expand on the subplots the show poised at the end of the last season. There was a lot going on then and I am excited that all the plots will continue, together with a few new ones so nonchalantly introduced in this premiere. Felt like we haven't missed a beat from season 2 and we picked up right where we left off with the intensity esp the night bill is kidnapped and I am excited to see where the rest of the season goes. I have always been amazed by the show's meticulous attention to detail ad I am glad that the trend will continue into season 3

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Jun 16, 2010 6:53AM EDT

lol I have to partially agree. Stephen Moyer is terrible, the character Sokie is to bipolar and the character Tara is annoying. But on the other hand Deborah Ann Woll s acting is mind blowing and the character Jessica is great. Sam , Terry and Jason are great support. Lafayette is also the first feminine homosexual character that i like and he does a great job. The story in its self is well done and fun plus i like the whole idea of having on main problem for each season, Maryanne and Rene. So all in all there is more positive then negative.

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