Season Finale

The way the finale was being hyped up, with stories of someones demise, I was prepared for tears. Yet when the moment came, it was just another death on another show. A character who hadn't been well enough developed for me to feel an emotional connection to. Flak's reaction to Angell's death seemed to be forced acting, which may have made the death itself less powerful. Flak's involvement in the case should not have happened. He had too much of a personal connection with it, and could have tainted the scenes.

Taylor's monologue was a moving and powerful speech that brought out emotions Angell's death did not.

I'd heard tales of the cliffhanger ending, but thought them to be false until the car began rolling by the bar. Though it seemed far fetched at times, and disconnected from the viewers at others, the episode was fairly good as a whole. I patiently await next season, and the answer to MANY questions.


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