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I've been going over the schedule, trying to plan out what Im most likely to watch, and I have to say, it's somewhat disappointing. I was only able to find five shows that I truly do not want to miss.

5. Past Life, Fox, is a drama series in which two detectives investigate whether what is happening to a person today, is a result of their past life.

Im almost positive this one won't last long, but it intrigued me with it's Fringe Like ways.

4. Human Target, FOX, is an action/drama about a man who is private security, his goal, to keep his clients alive at all costs. Based on the DC Comic.

I love the movies based on the Marvel Comics, why wouldn't I love a tv show based on them? And Mark Valley is great.

3. Sons of Tucson, FOX, is a comedy about three young boys who hire a man to play their father while he is in prison.

Tyler Labine was HILARIOUS on Reaper this seems like a great show that will keep me laughing, now that The Office no longer is.

2. Mercy, NBC, is a medical drama from the POV of the nurses.

Since ER's demise I've been searching for a new medical drama, and one from the point of view of the nurses sounds just right.

1. Community, NBC, is a comedy following a group of misfits in community college.

Joel McHale and Chevy Chase star in this new comedy, it's taken a long time for Chevy to come back to tv, (his recent stint on Chuck probably shocked millions) I can't wait to see him back in action.

What shows are you waiting to see? If you haven't checked out what's coming, you should now, CBS and ABC have picked up more new series this year than they have in quite a long time.


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May 20, 2009 1:41PM EDT

Hey mamnluv23. Great post! I've added some pics and flagged this as Featured!
I love how excited you are about all of the new Fall TV! This too is among my favorite times of year.
Seems we share similar taste; Community thus far looks most promising to me too! I love Joel McHale and couldn't think of a better person to headline a new comedy (and with Chevy Chase!) I wasn't super excited about Mercy, but after watching the preview, agree that I want to check it out (whereas Trauma looks so blah). Beyond the shows you've mentioned, I actually think ABC's Cougar Town looks pretty funny. I was skeptical based on the title (the cougar joke is only funny for so long and can turn pretty cliche pretty fast) but I rather enjoyed the preview clip, plus its from Bill Lawrence of high hopes for that one from me.
Finally, believe it or not I think The CW has some promising looking stuff. Not psyched about Melrose (90210 isn't even that popular...haven't they learned their lesson?), but if Vampire Diaries is any good, that could be a major hit for them.

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