The Listener

Although THE LISTENER is obviously low budget, the plot lines are quite good. Being along for the ride, discovering whodunit, is one of my favorite pastimes. As a child, growing up watching Perry Mason and Angela Lansbury with my grandma, spurned a love of mysteries.

The storyline is an EMT(EMS in Canada) who hears someones thoughts that lead him to some sort of crime, and he uses those thoughts to solve said crime.

Im sure this is how all the episodes will be, but it's the subplot that really makes the show unique. Im comparison to MEDIUM, a much higher budgeted show, I would say the subplots of THE LISTENER are more moving.

In MEDIUM, the sub plots are her home life, her children. A lot of people today won't relate to MEDIUM as well as THE LISTENER. These are the single people, and late workers. People who don't have the family life the Dubois' have. Those are the ones who will appreciate THE LISTENER. Tobey is a recently, single guy. He still has hang ups about his ex. His friends are oddballs but their there for him. He works a lot, and keeps himself closed off from others to protect himself, and them.

I believe this show is great for anyone, if you can handle a little low budget.


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