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New Shows to Watch: Being Erica, United States of Tara - Featured

I wasn't really expecting much from the new shows but Being Erica and United States of Tara are really good. Not OMG I wanna die good, but more of a It's over already? good. At least one of them is that interesting.

Being Erica

I wasn't really sure about this one being any good (at all) since there was barely any hype surrounding it and yes, I know I shouldn't go by the hype but its kinda hard to give equal focus to this one and Tara, the Steven Speilberg biggie.

Anyway, this show is pretty much your usual.....Continue Reading!


| Jul 3, 2010 9:36PM EDT
Most shows slide into 'entertainment' by way of showing dysfunctional relationships. This show entertains while showing us healthier dynamics. It's packaged in a beautiful way. The storyline is thought-provoking, the characters are endearing. I feel like I 'get' something from watching the show. I'm so glad it was renewed for another season, I can't wait!
| Dec 9, 2009 3:07PM EST
Love Being Erica. One of the most watchable shows of the last 5 years.
| Nov 29, 2009 8:26PM EST
Not sure what happened to the rest of your post but I agree, it is really really interesting and I have watched it avidly over the last few days and quite disappointed it is all gone. I want it to come back, I like the odd mixture of Dead Like Me of self reflection and Quantum Leap of fixing something that went very wrong in the past, couple this with a oddball "doctor" and a dysfunctional family and workplace and you have brilliance, if only for a short while :)

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