The Desperate Housewife Of Season Five Is.....

Every season there is one housewife who is really, really desperate. Season one had Susan being held at gunpoint by that creepy kid who liked Julie a lot. Season Two had Bree being held at gunpoint by another creepy kid who liked her daughter a lot. Talk about repetition.

Season three had Edie pretend-hanging herself. You need to be pretty desperate to hang yourself, even if its a pretend-hanging. Season Four had the whole Katherine Mayfair and her ex-husband thing.

This year, the writers chose...........Continue Reading!


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Jan 5, 2009 7:49PM EST

Well, is there any place else to go after Lynette. You got to admit that this is some story line...imagine Porter getting some Cougar pregnant and then threatening to kill her husband and now she is not pregnant. Then there was the domestic violence, Lynette thinking Tom was cheating, the dead guy during the fire and to top it all off, Mike is being hunted by Eddies husband who is crazy as a damn bat...go figure.

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