I Miss The Weed In Weeds

Remember when there was actual mention of weed in Weeds? I miss Conrad. I want my Heylia back.I want my Heylia back!

Episode after episode the show is disappointing. Hey Jenji Khan, lets make the Agrestic burning down and all, just a dream. No one will say anything, promise!

Ok, so this episode "The Love Circle Overlap" was actually quite boring, as the previous many episodes were.Shane has sex with two goth tweens, or does he? Silas confronts his mom-girlfriend and they make up in less than two minutes, El Andy finds MM(mermaid Maria) (out of nowhere).Maria has awkward moments with Doug.Celia has a very non-TV like intervention where Dean has mysteriously recovered from his injuries in less than 8 weeks.Nancy has this I-don't-know-what magic stuff, and Jenji wastes another 5 minutes showing us god knows what. Nancy sees this star-bag lady everywhere now.

It's Weeds, anything is possible here.

TIP: Please, please , please just get back to the weed!

I want the season 2 end - season 3 start good stuff.

What do you think?


Aug 22, 2008 5:25PM EDT

I agree 100%. I just hope it gets better. They do need Conrad and Heylia to come back. Celia is just getting worse and worse with messing up Nancys life. They should maybe boot her and bring back Conrad and Heylia.

Default avatar cat
Aug 22, 2008 7:58PM EDT

While I have to agree the episodes aren't nearly as packed and exciting as that season 2-season 3 cusp, I still think the show is fabulous and I think this season is better than the way season 3 ended up dwindling after the 4th episode or so. I do miss Heylia and Conrad, are they supposed to come back ever? And also while I miss the simpler "weed" times, I feel the show has followed a somewhat realistic progression deeper into the things Nancy never wanted a part of. I liked the ending of "the Love Circle Overlap" and hope it implies Nancy stepping up and taking control of her life and actually rebuilding a relationship with her children because I'm tired of them being assholes. Mary Louise Parker is amazing the way she plays Nancy, where anything that happens doesn't seem to phase her. She's not all there and just going through the motions and I hope that is building up to something. Also, Nancy with the mayor of Tijuana? Hot.I agree it would be great if it had stuck with the small-time drug game, but really, where could it have gone other than up to bigger drugs and traffic?

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Aug 22, 2008 8:35PM EDT

Yea like in the tunnel they bring all kind of drugs even mexican-prostitutes 21 century slaves,but nancy thinks there´s only weed coming from the tunnel yea right,what happend with conrad,helya and the d.e.a,isabelle older sister etc,were thew show is heading its better not to think in a season 5

Default avatar cat
Aug 23, 2008 5:37AM EDT

i agree... although i don't particularly hate this season, the past ones were on a whole different level of good.The show is after all supposed to be about Nancy and her drug dealing... and yet, here she is working the counter, and we keep focusing on all the different relationships between the people. If i wanted crazy awkward relationships, i'd watch Gossip Girl. When i turn on Weeds, i want Marijuana. i don't really understand how they got so off topic.

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Aug 24, 2008 12:20AM EDT

I think you guys are missing the plot that Jenji is creating here. I personally like how shes bringing real life events into the show. The whole thing about the mayor being involved with the drug trafficking and then Andy and Doug's little business. It is based on some very political issues happening right now in Tijuana and San Diego. Living so close to the border myself I really like what the show is turning into...

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Aug 25, 2008 10:48PM EDT

I agree the episodes may not have as much to do with weed as they have in past seasons but I like this season all the new things the family is going through and the fact that nancy is oblivious to a lot of things that happens in her new life. I also wish Conrad would come back but not Helia, I never liked her. All in all this season is really good in my opinion, I think they are building up to something really big with that tunnel and all the drugs and the mayor.

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Aug 25, 2008 11:28PM EDT

personally, i dont think nancy is so great. although i think the actress has been awesome in other films, in this show she basically just walks around in heels and dresses and occasionally has sex. And although shes always on the verge of getting in trouble, she never really does. oh, and the whole lion killing its prey thing? Oooooh, thats such a turn on..err:PI watch this show for the side characters, mainly andy and celia- they both do comedy very well

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Aug 25, 2008 11:43PM EDT

Really? I've been enjoying it as much as the first couple of seasons. Maybe they could cut down on the romance and stuff with Nancy and that Mexican dude, but hi, those *rolls eyes* scenes does make up things =D
LOL and that scene where Shane jacks off to nude photos of his mother is simply ****ing priceless... then the mother to Son talk...

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