Cancellation Talk: Why Shows Are Better Off On Cable

ABC Family doesn't seem like the right place for Greek. Why? Because ABC Family seems like the place for Samurai Girl and The Secret Life. What should a cable channel (fit to be viewed only by preteens), do when it gets a show way out of its league? Stick with it. Maybe that's the reason the show is in its second season. If it were on CBS I would give it a week before getting replaced by a show beginning with the three letters C ,S, and I.

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Nov 26, 2008 8:22PM EST

I wouldn't have said initially of Pushing Daisies that it wouldn't make it on ABC, but that's just because I love it dearly and had very high hopes that others would catch on much more than they did. But in hindsight, I definitely agree that PD and some others like this don't belong on regular networks since clearly it's not the right audience, timeslots, etc, etc. I have to wonder now, if like Swingtown, the Pushing Daisies folks will get the chance at discussing a move to a cable channel...

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Nov 27, 2008 3:30AM EST

I honestly think those brilliant shows in a non-cable network that get canceled right away due to lower-than-expected ratings are better off on cable. Look at Pushing Daisies :( It's certainly a fresh, clever, entertaining show. You'd expect it to be picked up right away by the networks, and then disappointingly realize it wasn't given a chance because people didn't tune it right away.
Greek is a good example of those good shows that survived because they're on cable. It's absolutely great. One would think these beer-drinking, cheating, slightly immature yet still likable and sensitive fratboys and girls wouldn't make for a good show. But it does. They make it work, and eventually the audience saw that. If it was on some network like CBS, it's likely that it wouldn't have been given a chance to show that.
Now that shows amazing shows such as Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, and Arrested Development (from 3 years ago) are being canceled, I honestly can't tell what it takes to be kept on TV.

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Nov 28, 2008 8:24AM EST

While I defiantly agree that some amazing shows have been getting the axe lately. I want to remind people that the problem with television is that ultimately it's a business. People need to get paid... a lot of people. What it takes to remain on tv, brutally said are ratings. If a show isn't making the investors money or worse having problems breaking even it is too much of a risk to re-option. The problem is with the general publics taste in shows. Maybe these shows would have a longer running time on cable but that would also restrict it's viewer-ship.
My point is if you really love a show, stop watching it on SideReel. It's killing television! Illegal websites are making it impossible for those shows to make money. Without money they can't remain on the air. If you have to watch it online at least watch it through the networks website.
Now you will be thinking. "What a hypocrite for writing on SideReel cause that means this person watches things on SideReel." Yes, I watch things on SideReel. You want to know what I watch? I watch cancelled shows I missed out on, on SideReel. Think about it!

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Nov 28, 2008 1:02PM EST

*shrugs* Many shows that I watch nowadays are on networks that our dish doesn't get. Then I realized how much easier it was than to go record everything or figure out when it was on TV, especially with a schedule that causes me to miss primetime shows most nights anyway. Yeah I get annoyed when they cancel awesome shows.. but geez, they should be able to tell what shows are good and what shows are stupid. At least to an extent.

Nov 28, 2008 4:25PM EST

Samurai Girl what does it mean it will be a series? or what?

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