Desperate Housewives - Bringing the House Down

Orson's band, while performing in the Battle Of The Bands, brought the house down. Literally. So this is what went down in this week's Desperate installment:

Dave's doc decides to show up in the ever mysterious Wisteria Lane because he cared for him. Unfortunately Dave didn't care enough for him, to let him live.Both clashed at the bar where the band had to play, and so that his plans don't get ruined, Dave had to kill him. So, to remove any finger prints he burnt his body, that is, after strangling him. Or did he burn him because he has this whole fire obsession? I don't remember.

So, that caused the much talked about fire. Everyone's safe, except the doc, but who cares. OK, now all we need to add to the fires and the tornadoes is a nice earthquake then we can officially say that Wisteria Lane is The Island. They both are ABC shows! Makes perfect sense ! Its all connected ! They're the other Others.

This season Desperate been better than any season before, or at least as good as the first. Unfortunately the full story here

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