Brothers & Sisters: Four Ways To Make It Better

I love you's, promotions, adoptions, new jobs, new homes and baby-dies-because-of-complication scares. A lot going on in Brothers & Sisters, but still somehow everything feels repeated and old. It still seems like everything is just another excuse for a big Walker party fight. Not that I don't like the show anymore, it's just that every episode begins and ends in the same way.I recently saw the last four episodes, and though the show, as a whole, is entertaining, there are times it can get boring. Very boring.

The To-Do List For The Writers:

1.Kill Tommy

I know this might seem a little bit harsh but he needs to go. Or the writers should make his character at least half-interesting.Oh, and I wouldn't mind Justin and Rebbecca leaving the show either.

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Large newrachelimage
Dec 27, 2008 10:21PM EST

Nice post. I too have espoused the killing of Tommy, as he is far and wide the lamest Walker.Lucky for us, if Defamer is right, we may just get our wish.If you read Michael Ausiello's column, he also keeps pimping a blind item about an actor fired from his show but doesn't yet know I hold out hope that it is indeed the terrible Balthazar Getty.Beyond the suggestions you already made which are spot-on (do any adults actually fight as much as the Walkers do?), I think that the writers need to go back into last season and kill the tired, repetitive "Ryan Walker" plotline. If only the could...But don't get me wrong...I still love this show and think it remains one of the better dramas on television.

Default avatar cat
Dec 28, 2008 4:25PM EST

This show is great and I.m glad I.m not the only one who can see some problems with some of the characters. My least favorite is not Tommy. He is boring, but I can stand it. My least favorite is his wife. Talk about not necessary......for all the good she does, Tommy could be a single dad. Might make for a more interesting story line.
I.m also not comfortable with Kevins husband. He just does nothing for me on the show. Now the senators brother and Kevin were interesting to say the least. The waiter...gotta go.
I love Sally Fields as the mom. Boy does she remind me of myself....some of the things she has done and said have been classic. Justin used to be the most interesting character with his drug situations and all. When they put him with Rebecca....boringgggggggggg.
The gay uncle came out of left field. Not sure what the reason for that was.I love Rob Lowe. What can I say, he is a true politician. I loved Danny Glover but they removed him from the show. Must have been the black/white thing with him and Sally Field because other than that, they were building us his character to be very interesting.
Please remove Kitty....why....why....why is she there?

Jan 1, 2009 9:03AM EST

Well, I think we all agree the show needs to be spiced up. As an avid fan who's never missed an episode, I now find myself watching just to keep up in case something interesting ever happens. I can't see them taking Kitty off, the pilot opened with her as the main character, and because of that she's viewed as the core storyline, atleast in my opinion. Killing off Tommy, or even easier his wife, could be great with the single fatherhood, new romances, etc. Ryan & Rebecca....ZzzZzzZzzzz. But with the death of a character comes the long drawn out funeral, memories and flashbacks, blahblah boohoo. I'd rather something outrageous happen-like Saul and Scotty hooking up or Kitty unknowingly adopts Holly's long lost child (made up), or Sarah's ex Joe goes mental and takes everyone hostage....I don't know, anything but the blase' drama we've been seeing lately.

Default avatar cat
Jan 1, 2009 8:45PM EST

Saul is a great actor in my book. I remember him from Alias. He was great as the evil one. I also remember him from other ventures. I.m sure if not hooking up with Scotty, they could find a story line for an older gay gentleman. Sally Field needs someone in her life though. Her constantly mixing it up with Holly is getting old. With William dead and gone, why must the writers continue to create stories that involve these two? To be honest, in tv world, I can not understand how Holly ended up with their business anyway. Its beyond imagination...too unrealistic.
Rebecca coming in and taking Sauls old job would work if she had slept her way to the top, but her mom appointing her....Holly has too much power and the show makes it seem as if she has no one to answer to but herself...I am waiting for her to get it good...her day is coming.
They could do more with Rob Lowe's character. For a while there, he was really interesting. He has always been good in those political shows. Please do not bring Sarah's ex Joe back. He was a snoozer. The guy she is involved with now is interesting. I remember him from a show back in the day called Wings with Tim Daly. He has always been a pretty good actor as well. And last but not least, the new kid Ryan....what kind of story could they write around another kid William had out of wedlock?

Jan 2, 2009 7:38AM EST

I loved Wings! Goofy, but the actors were great.Yep, I'm tired of Holly too, but I guess every story has to have a 'bad guy'. I think you're right with the Ryan factor-it has the most unanswered questions.

Default avatar cat
Jan 13, 2009 2:49PM EST

i don't agree with anything you say in your post! haha. I think the writers have given great story lines to all of the characters. Justin finally moved out and will hopefully get a job that's interesting. Sarah has her new web company with those two strange/funny guys. Tommy's character is now in some scheme to get "what's her face" Holly out of the family business (yah i hate her!!) I do think that, yeah, Tommy was a bit boring but they are working on that now. Norah is working on the hospital family center. and so on...
I love how this show follows all these different stories yet brings them all together at the same time. and you have got to believe that any family with that many members, all living so close to each other would inevitably fight/party all the time! ha :)
My one suggestion would be put Rob Lowe on the screen more often! I LOVE him :) I don't want to see any of the family members die. that would suck.

Default avatar cat
Jan 20, 2009 8:58PM EST

I agree with getting rid of Tommy for many reasons but not Justin/Rebecca, there has to be a descent couple in the show! and it's not like all is well, i'm sure there will be interesting scenes coming up, and honestly it was coming - the chemistry was so clear and with the whole Ryan twist backing it up, it's a really great portrayal of a great friendship developed into young love, besides having that connection between the harpers and the walkers obviously bring up some interesting and hilarious arguments.I agree with the whole dinner fights thing, i still love em but ye definitely need a variety of location at least.Personally i think it's still a top notch show, i loved it since the beginning, if there is anything they should improve on it should be:-More nora n kitty moments-more of ethan n kyle funny moments-more of rebecca n justin drama-less of tommy n julia-less of roger the architect-bring out ryan! n bring back george!-walker/harper angst-more kevin n robert-bring out kitty's baby-PLEASE NO 3 WEEK WAITS!!
my opinion only, but still love this show!!! ALOT!

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