A Fascinating Film - 10 Stars

I cannot recommend this film highly enough. It is edge of the seat stuff and will keep you hanging on every word from the title to the end credits.

The body in the tomb is amazing, found by following clues hidden in an old French church in Rennes-le-Chateau - what a great discovery, and it could be the body of Mary Magdalene.

This film is bound to be attacked by the Christian church and web sites, and probably some critics as it is not the normal film they would go and see, but don't let this put you off seeing it as its the public voice that counts and the public loves it. I think all Christians should see this film so they can decide for themselves if they think their church has been hiding the truth from them.

I could say a lot more about the film but it would mean spoiling the film for you if you have not already seen it.

If you like suspense, hidden clues and a good treasure hunt, this film will not disappoint.

Thank you to the Bloodline Crew for making this film.


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