Damon or Razor

What happened to Razor? He full out told Damon to stay away from Emily because he likes her and Emily knows Razor likes her and I though she liked him... But what do you guys think will happen next season between Razor and Damon and Emily... Or do you think Emily will choose a different guy...? Thoughts?!

And what do you think will happen to Payson?!



Large newrachelimage
Aug 25, 2009 7:20PM EDT

So...the guy that plays Razor ended up getting cast on a new CW show, The Beautiful Life, which means by default that he's outta the picture.But Razor and Damon have become kind of interchangeable for me so no big loss there in my opinion. I think the ep is setting up a triangle between Emily, Damon and Kaylie's brother.I think Payson will magically heal or the diagnosis will turn out to be wrong - but regardless - guess she can't go to nationals!

Aug 27, 2009 5:11PM EDT

i feel really sorry for payson she worked hard decided to play honestly and look where it got her.
i agree the triangle Emily, Damon and Kaylie's brother. will be a huge factor, but i love Damion and can't really remember razor all that well as he was in about 2 eps and we didn't get to know him.

Default avatar cat
Dec 8, 2009 7:25PM EST

I think it is ridiculous how many guys are after Emily. First Razor, then Leo Cruise, then Damon Young. I think Lauren and Razor should have a go at it, she could definately slum it for the pizza boy, HE IS HOT!

Default avatar cat
Jan 22, 2010 5:04PM EST

what happened to leo too. on the last episode before the break they were saying that he was coming back to coach at the gym, was he replaced by razor coming back, because he wasnt supposed to originally. anyhoo. i just wanted to know what people thought about that.

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