I have the right to remain silent but I can't

This show is amazing. I would be lying if I said I new it would be. I saw the previews and thought great another Law Enforcement show. There certainly hasn't been enough of them. The pilot episode was surprisingly good. Then by the end of the 2nd episode I was hooked. It shows the struggle between a police officers work life and personal life and how they often become intertwined. It's not really much about catching the "bad guys" as it is about showing the life of law enforcement. You get to see the officers that do it because they like the power and don't care about making a difference in the community. Then there are the ones that could've picked any career they wanted but they want to make a difference. To up my point to all this, this show goes beyond fighting crime, and gives you and insight to what goes on behind the scenes.


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Dec 1, 2012 9:26AM EST

The show is Training day and colours put together and can't wait till next episodes its great to see the acting quality is superb especially dude from the Oc great transition to La version of nypd blue.

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