Was the last season of The Oc the worst season to end a show in tv history or close to it?

I have decided to put this topic up due in large part to my utter disdain for how the Oc ended it was without a doubt the most lackluster dull drab and completely out of character ending for any tv show i have seen.I say this because of several issues i have with the storylines used to end such a good show ,over the previous three seasons the show was great except for a couple of storylines regarding marissa which were repetitive and ended so tragically.Getting back to season 4 the main issues i had with the season are

1.least deserved happy ending Julie Cooper WTF its like if at the end of the wizard of OZ the wicked witch of the west got everything she wanted and they killed dorothy.she didnt redeem herself yet still got everything she wanted

2.The way the writers chickened out on two storylines about seth and summer first with the pregnancy test and then the marriage.

3.Ryans dad is kevin sorbo and the complete nonsense which followed

4.Volcheck and his surrender

5.ryan ending up with taylor who is almost exactly like seth thats creepy

6.che !!

7.I am not sure how they could justify summers complete change of character within one episode

8. The fact that they wasted so much time on julie coopers wedding and only left themselves only about 45 seconds to rap up ryans fastforward seth and summers wedding and totally neglected the core cast.rushed

9.I know this happ in season 3 but in my eyes it destroyed the show Marissas death!!!!

10.The fact that adam and rachel looked like it was very difficult for them to act with one another in the last few eps it looked uncomfortable.

11.the earthquake eps were terrible

12.The fact they developed kaitlins char 4 a spinoff which never happened

These are the problems i had with season 4 i am interested to hear from you the fans of the oc what your opinions on the season are whether you agree with me or can put forward a defense for the season and series finale.Please comment on this discussion.


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