Lost season 6 theories

With the final season of lost five months away and the slow tv summer despite a few gems i have started to watch lost from the beginning again

During my viewing of the second season i came across an interesting conversation between jack and sayid under the swan station in episode 4 25.17 into that episode jack asks sayid what he thinks is going on sayid replies the last time i heard of concrete being poured over everything in this way was chernobyl from this perhaps wrongly i am led to believe that jack and the atom bomb is the incident referred to by dr chang in the dharma video at the swan station The flash at the end of season 5 could be another time jump in light of this i am saddened it means both juiliet and charlie are both dead while claire is missing One more point i would like to put forth is claires visit to the fortune teller in season 1 episode 10 in which the he tells her this child must be raised by u if this child is raised by anyone else danger will surround them this child your native spirit must be an influence in the development of this child no happy life for the child without u the baby needs your protection great danger will befall u What i see from this passage and the previous one is that like the cylons of battlestar damon lindeloff and carlton cuse had a plan from the beginning which is unbelievable in tv circles where other shows make up new mythology at every turn despite the massive plot holes they produce To anyone who reads this i would like to invite you to please leave your theories of what will happen in the final season or what you want to happen to complete a utterly manificent show


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