the bare naked truth !

Lewis Black is a great comedian, his topics... well, they hit the nerve for some and speak the mind of most. He says what he wants- with his own humor of course- and what we would like to say. When someone first watchs his performance, they either love it or hate it right away. For me it was love, for my parents it was hate. Can't really blame them, you have to be really open minded to understand his humor.. politics, war, gays... not easy subjects to talk about and even harder ones to laugh at, but he can do it. If there is anyone out there who can make talk about war, the presd., gays and still get everyone in the room to laugh, Lewis Black is one of them. His is one of the greatest comdians out there today among a few other like Robin Willians, Wanda Sykes, Elle Degeneres and quite a few more.

Worth watching - with an open mind that is, cause if not, you'll just feel insulted.


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