SH2 = the sequel

Set ten years after the first film, Silent Hill 2 sees a now 18 year old Sharon (calling herself Kara) trapped in a shopping mall with a strange journalist called Brett. The pair find themselves running from an unimaginable terror, that leads them back into the town of Silent Hill. Once there the couple must find a way out, and Brett discovers there's more to Kara than at first he thought.

"Christopher Gans, French director of Brotherhood of the Wolf and the first Silent Hill film, has been quoted as saying that that writer Roger Avary (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction) and fantasy author Neil Gaiman (Mirror Mask, Sandman) will be getting together to work on the script for a sequel to this summer's Silent Hill movie. No details on the story as of yet and it is unclear whether Gans will direct the sequel as he is currently working on a movie adaptation of Japanese demon killing game, Onimusha.

Avary and Gaiman sound like an ideal team to work on a Silent Hill script. Gaiman excels in the extraordinary and bizarre, while Avary has a penchant for the bloody and violent, both of which are the main ingredients of the Silent Hill franchise. If Gans ends up signing on to direct, this could be one of those rare instances where the sequel outshines the original." Flynn De Marco


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