The 2009 Specials? Just some theories, feel free to add on.

Alright, so nothing much is known about the 2009 specials except:

1.) The Cybermen are in the Xmas one

2.) Georgia Moffat (Jenny) will be returning.

3.) RTD has written two of them and has co-written the other two

Thats all I could find out. Once again, feel free to add. Here are some theories I heard:

1.) River Song will be returning

2.) There will be two Xmas specials, an easter and a Halloween one.

3.) It will feature the Time war

4.) DT will regenerate

5.) Queen Elizabeth (from The Shakespeare Code)

6.) One of the four episodes will be aired in Egypt

7.)David Tennant/Paul McGann Doctors episode (Although I doubt that)

8.) Master Returning (Once again, doubt it)

9.) Sally Sparrow/ Midshipman Frame returning

10.) The Valeyard

11.) The Black Guardian - Halloween Special

12.) The Ice Warriors will be back

13.) Featuring the Zygons and Sea Devils (Something to do with sinking Venice? :))

14.) One special is to be called "Ghosts in the Machine"

Well, I could go on but you get the point. There is a lot of substance for these specials and even though RTD is writing two of them, my expectations are rising.

As for David Tennant, my guess he will be regenerating at the end of these specials. We can all hope for him to take that offer to stay on but he must have hundreds of other ones and wants to advance in his acting career. Who can blame him. Oh well, he was one of the best, all though pretty grim sometimes. I'll be sad to see him go is he does, but at the same time, excited for a new Doctor. Well, we will just have to wait and see. As for who is replacing him, well thats a whole different topic.

On a completely different topic, Do you remember in "The unicorn and the Wasp" when Agatha Christie asked The Doctor, he was talking about how his friend had been captured and he was walking through a rain forest with a quiver of arrows slung on his back. This was a flashback. Was I not paying close enough attention or something? Or was this an intentional set up? The only reason I'm asking this is because I've never seen anymore talking about it. Anyway.

Alright, I really doubt some of these theory while some are completely believable. I'll let you be the judge on that, and feel free to add your own! (If I left any...:))


(Yes, I am one of the four fans of DW in Canada :P)



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Jul 21, 2008 4:20PM EDT

The return of Sally Sparrow, Jenny, and FINALLY have the Time War explained. I'm so freakin' excited. The only way it could be better is if River Song and the cybermen weren't returning. I know River Song is just a rumor (which I hope doesn't come true...), but we already know that the cybermen are coming back (again...). I hope Moffat's up to the job and doesn't feel the need to resurrect the daleks, and the cybermen, every season. They're were so many awesome monsters and stuff in the old series, I hope he decides to bring some of them back. And is Jenny going to be a full time companion??? I think that would be pretty cool. I'm excited about the specials but I wish that there would be an entire season. And I REALLY hope that David Tennant decides to stay on as the Doctor for a while longer. I only wish Rose would come back but I guess she never will....

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Jul 21, 2008 7:11PM EDT

You know, I kind of see one of them (Sally Sparrow and Jenny) as a companion. It would be great to see them again. As the Cybermen, I don't really mind them because we haven't seen them for a while. But I hope the Daleks don't show up and the explanation for River Song was she was some delusional lady that thought she knew the Doctor. But she did mention him showing up at her doorstep with " A new haircut and a suit" and how "He wasn't her doctor" which kind of implies that he must have regenerated before she became a companion. But who knows? Maybe we will end up liking her. I remember hating Donna back in "The Runaway Bride" and then when she came back for Season 4 she grew on me, becoming my favorite companion because she didn't fall in love with the doctor, she was a friend to him. Thats all he needed. I was really sad when he left her, but at least she saved the universe.I would like to see a non-human companion, preferably male. Come on, I think we all need a break from skinny British girls, give us a Martian! Sure, you can have one from earth but lets see some grumpy, pessimistic Alien on board! And watch the Doctor change him and smile at his rare moments. That would be great.And for the classic monsters, I completely agree. The Ice Warriors, The Black Guardian, Sea Devils, Zygon, Rani, and remember the Toymaker? What was the name...I can't remember but from one of the episodes with the First Doctor there was some evil Toymaker. I would love to see that concept in the new series. Anyway, can't wait!

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Aug 5, 2008 5:16PM EDT

I think we will see the Master "if at all" in a state of decay or some regeneration from the ring!
Im guessing the time lords give him what he was after in the original series an extra set of regenerations for payment of involvement in the Time war that clearly isnt finished

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Aug 12, 2008 9:02AM EDT

i just want to say that david tennant wont be regenarating in 2009 coz he has sighned a contract to do series 5 : p

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