House s05e22 - My favourite episode this season!

I clicked on Play button and watched the usual "patient intro" scene, not expecting much, season 5 has been kind of a let down for me but after the credits I saw Amber talking to House and she mentioned that she was a hallucination and I immediately went "YES!" ...paused the video and got myself some snacks :)

I felt that this episode was really good and more involving than previous ones in this season.

> There's the patient, as usual, but with that season's crop, i've gotten to a stage where i hardly care... (hmmm... that's harsh) but having a deaf patient was not something i've seen on the show so far (not 100% sure).

> There was a b*tching bachelor's party for Chase. Really appreciated Steve Stiffler... oops i mean House's dedication on setting that up. It was a good glammed up and sexy note to this episdoe. Plus it's good to see that these guys can be party animals too... "WILSON OMG... 13 too!"

> The brilliant theme in this episode was that you get to see House's mad mind at work, as in the verbal exchanges between him and his subconscious (Amber in this case). That made me think of the movie "A Beautiful Mind" for some reason and if that's a template for things to come then House is in for more troubles.

Ok, i better get some sleep before i start wondering whether i sleep-blog on sidereel. ;)




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May 4, 2009 12:51AM EDT

i agree...this was easily the best episode of the season..well mainly because cut-throat bitch is back and the bachelor party and the scenes building up to it were all quite hilarious..hope they get some momentum of this and maintain it and being us some proper House M.D

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May 5, 2009 1:07PM EDT

Amber is a brilliant foil to House. The next episode intensifies her appearances and makes House take radical action.It's a great shame they killed Amber off originally. She's brilliant - and I love the acidic chemistry between her and House.

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