Knight Rider Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Michael is on a mission posing as an ex-soldier named Jack Miller. Alex calls to brief him on the mission. Michael is to infiltrate a group of mercenaries in Arizona led by Walt Cooperton.

Mike tells Sarah that he will take her out for her birthday. KITT uses Sarah's new transforming system to turn into a Ford F-150.

Mike arrives at a store next to Cooperton's campgrounds. KITT finds Oren Moss and a bunch of thugs inside the store. Mike gets out and bumps into Oren, introduces himself as Jack Miller and asks where he can find Cooperton. Oren tells Mike that they should race off road before he tells him anything.

Oren and his boys load up into a Humvee and drive off. KITT, as a truck, chases after Oren. They race until Oren crosses a bridge. He stops which causes KITT and Mike to stop. Two other military Humvees then pull up behind them.

Michael is captured and brought to a tent. He is beaten by a woman then tortured with a fire hose. After hours of resisting, Cooperton enters the tent and tells his crew to stop.

Thinking that he is Jack Miller, Cooperton brings Michael to his personal tent and tells him that he looked at his file. He reads that he was honored with various medals of valor. He tries to trick Mike into blowing his cover, but he does not fall for it. He tells Mike that America has a history of fighting authority and that he is continuing on the tradition.

Cooperton welcomes him to his group and tells him to get cleaned up and have dinner in a hour.

Mike goes to the outhouse, takes his keys and cuts into his calf. Hidden underneath his skin, he finds a communicator. He places it inside his ear and speaks to KITT.

KITT tells Mike that he will connect to a satellite system to give him the layout and locations of the guards.

Mike walks out of the outhouse and finds the woman who was torturing him. She asks if he has PTSD because he was talking to himself. Mike tells her that he has unfinished business with her. They fight and Mike manages to grab her from behind. He lets her go and takes off.

Later that night, Mike sneaks into Cooperton's tent. He places a chip inside his computer and has KITT copy his files. He contacts Sarah to help analyze the data.

In the cave, Sarah is writing a birthday wish list that includes cooking classes and a date with 'someone'. She later says that her wish is dumb and crosses it off.

Mike digs in Cooperton's desk and finds a gun and a Rolex watch. He takes the gun and searches his closet. He finds a rack full of designer jackets. He examines a wine rack, finds a rare bottle of wine, and tells Sarah about it. Sarah adds the wine to her list.

KITT detects a trace of explosives in a nearby tent. Mike moves to the tent and jumps in the back of a cargo truck. There is nothing inside and KITT says that there was something there. KITT informs Mike that someone is approaching. Mike gets out of the truck and draws his gun.

He turns a corner and his gun is knocked out of his hand by the woman that tortured him. They fight and he gets his gun back. She then draws her own gun and asks who he really is. She goes into a British accent and tells him that she is Cassandra Banks, an MI-6 agent. She says that she has been watching Cooperton for over a year. Cassandra tells Mike that Cooperton is in possession of a large explosive.

Nearby, Cooperton sees and hears Mike and Cassandra's conversation on a surveillance camera. He send Orton to take capture them.

KITT tells Mike that there are armed men approaching. KITT picks Mike and Cassandra up at the entrance of the tent. Cassandra is surprised to see no one at KITT's wheel.

Soldiers fire then chase after KITT. KITT drives into a minefield and suggests transforming to increase his mobility. He begins to transform, but runs into a mine that causes the truck to flip several times and land in a ditch.

KITT informs Mike that because he was hit while transforming the damage is extensive. He tells Mike that h


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