Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

Melinda wakes up in the middle of the night next to her husband, Jim Clancy. They have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant for the last four months. The phone rings and Jim is called to assist in a fire at the university.

Melinda rides along and looks for her friend, Rick Payne. He is okay, but there are other people being treated.

Melinda sees paramedics using a defibrillator on a man. His spirit starts to slip away, but the paramedic's efforts work and he is revived.

Melinda sees the ghost of a black woman momentarily then she suddenly fades away.

Melinda goes to Mercy Hospital to meet her husband and briefly sees the black woman again. She meets her husband and he tells her that the man is Eli James, a psychology professor.

Eli is in his room with his swollen eyes covered by patches. Melinda notices that he is talking to a ashy faced female ghost.

Melinda enters his room and introduces herself to Eli. She reveals her abilities and asks him if he has the same.

Eli is confused and asks her what she means. Melinda tells him that he was just talking to a ghost. Eli uncovers his eyes and searches for Fiona, the woman who he was just talking to before Melinda entered, but does not see her. He, however, can hear her. Melinda tells Eli that Fiona died in the fire.

Melinda discovers that Fiona was one of Eli's patients. Melinda offers Eli help with his new abilities, but he does not want to believe in the supernatural.

Melinda visits Rick at his office. He is packing his stuff in preparation for his sabbatical in the Himalayas. Rick tells her that Eli is considered to be a cowboy among the psych department.

Later at MacShays bar, Eli is trying to relax, but he is surrounded by a group of ghosts wanting to talk to him. The bartender calls up Melinda and she arrives shortly. She tells the ghosts that she will help them one at a time, but for now they have to leave Eli alone.

The two sit down and Melinda tells him that he has a gift. Fiona's ghost shows up and tells Eli that she does not blame him. She disappears and a detective shows up. The police officer arrests Eli for his connection to the death of Fiona.

At the station, Jim tells Melinda that there was an accelerant found in front of Eli's office, the fire's point of origin. Eli is questioned and remains as a person of interest. He is released and Melinda follows.

Melinda tells Eli that Fiona needs him for something. Eli tells her that Fiona was being treated for her problems with her on again off again boyfriend. He describes her boyfriend as superstitious, but not an arsonist. Melinda asks if Eli had a relationship with Fiona. He says no, but he thought that she was falling for him.

Eli tells Melinda that Fiona was getting too close and that he was trying to refer her to another psychologist. He says that she got upset and went to his office the night of the fire. He says that when they were talking, his office was engulfed by fire.

Melinda visits Fiona's roommates, Marlee and Christian. Christian tells Melinda that Eli would take Fiona out to restaurants and bars.

At Eli's apartment, he puts away Fiona's files and is visited by her ghost. She tells Eli to 'leave us alone' or she will hurt Melinda. She starts a small fire and he puts it out.

The next day, Eli tells Rick and Melinda about the previous night. He says that Fiona was a foster child and burned down the house she was staying in when she was 12. Eli says he feels responsible for her death. Melinda discovers that Fiona was living in a bad environment with three other foster children.

Melinda and Eli return to Fiona's apartment and Christian tells her that they feel her presence at times. Christian tells them that he is about to release her stuff and asks Melinda to ask Fiona if he can keep her Yoruban African music CD.

Melinda and Eli enter Fiona's old room and try to contact her. She appears and Melinda asks if she is trying to protect someone. She quot


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