Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

After holding a press conference pushing for stricter fire codes, Patrick meets with Nick. He tells him that he is feeling guilty about Ellen's death and wants to come clean. He tells Nick that he cannot perpetuate the lie and will break down before his upcoming debate. Patrick tells Nick to take care of the details for him to turn himself in. Patrick gets into his limo and leaves. Nick calls up Tripp to tell him about what his son is intending to do.

Jeremy is with Nola at her apartment. She is getting ready to go to work and is listening to the Weepies on her ipod. She leaves and meets with Nick at his office.

Nola gives Nick the witness list for the trial against Letitia. He looks it over and sees that his mother, Claire is being called. Nola tells Nick that she was the last person that talked to Nick's father before he was murdered. Nola tells him that Claire has been receiving money wired by Letitia.

Meanwhile at the Darling mansion, Brian is having a internet video chat with his young son Robert who is staying with his mom in Brazil. Robert leaves for a second and grabs himself something to eat. Brian asks where his mom is and he says that she is out, but that he can take care of himself. Brian angrily tells him that he is coming down there.

Nick finds Letitia playing piano at her mansion. Nick tells her that he knows that she has been sending his mom in France money. Letitia says that she hasn't spoken to her in 30 years. Nick says that Claire was called as a star witness. He then asks if she paid her to send her away. Letitia says that it was Claire's idea to go away and receive money.

Later, Nick calls up his mom and says that she is speaking to her son. He tells her that she is on the witness list for Letitia's murder trial. She says not to call again and hangs up.

Nick's assistant, Daisy enters and tells him that she booked him a flight to Paris. She also says that Brian is there to see him.

Brian takes Nick to the street and tells him about his son being left alone in the house. He asks for help to bring Robert back home. Nick reminds Brian that he bribed the arbitrator to give Andrea full custody. Brian gets angry that Nick is refusing to help, hails a cab, cuts in front of an elderly lady wearing a neck brace, and leaves.

Later Tripp meets with Patrick to tell him not to go to the police about Ellen's death. He tells Patrick that if he goes to the authorities, he will hurt a lot of other people. He tells him to think about Carmelita. Patrick tells Tripp that he will tell the truth in Friday's debate.

At the George apartment, Nick is getting ready to go to Paris. His daughter, Kiki, asks him why she never met her grandma. Nick tells her that he exchanged letters with his mom and arranged to meet her in Paris. He arrived and waited, but she never showed up. Kiki tells her father that Claire should be proud of Nick because he is made famous by the Darlings. Lisa hears this and walks to the other room. Nick follows and asks what's wrong. She tells him that she tried multiple times to have him reconnect with his mother, but he refused. She is angry that he is willing to go for the Darling's sake.

Meanwhile in Brazil, Brian knocks on Andrea's door and finds her home. He accuses her of having too much fun in the night life and leaving his son home alone. She tells him that his son will be home later and closes the door.

Back in New York, Simon and Karen are having breakfast at a restaurant. Karen complains about Nick's reaction to the news that he will be taking over the Darling empire. Simon gets fed up with the stories of her ex and tells her to close the book on her relationship with him. He says that he won't sit around listening to her go on and on about Nick, then pays the bill and leaves her.

While Nola walks toward her office, the District Attorney approaches her. He tells her that Nick has left to France to talk to the star witness. She tells him that she can't stop him from


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