Ex List Season 1 Episode 4 Do You Love Me, Do You Surfer Boy Recap

Cyrus takes Bella to the beach to go surfing. The place is packed due to a high profile surfing contest. Bella changes into her suit and a truck runs over her board. The guy in the car next to her says 'what a drag' and Bella recognizes him to be her ex boyfriend Shane (played by Brian Van Holt).

Bella then flashed back to being with Shane in Mexico. He was a total surf bum without a care in the world. Bella was worried about getting money for food and shelter, but Shane felt that surfing was more important. He asked her to video tape him on a wave, but instead Bella turned the camera on herself and told him he should get a job, then she left him.

Bella talks to Shane who still surfs. He tells her that someone caught him on video surfing a killer wave and after that he became famous. He gives her a new surf board saying that he gets them for free from his sponsors. He tells her he's only in town for the weekend, then asks her to surf with him later and she agrees.

Bella returns home and tells her friends that she doesn't think Shane could possibly be the one. She tells them that he's totally irresponsible and will never grow up. She says that she needs an adult with a job, not just a surf bum. Her friends, especially Cyrus, think she should give him a chance since he's famous. Bella decides to go to Marina.

Bella asks Marina if she's too judgemental. Marina tells Bella that she is, then looks at her palms. She advises Bella to give people the benefit of the doubt, saying she can never really know other people, she can only know herself.

Augie does a photo shoot for Daphne. While he snaps her pictures, Vivian goes into the shower and enjoys the new shower head that Augie installed. Augie tries to turn up the music to cover up Vivian's moaning, but Daphne tells him that she can't concentrate on her poses with the music blaring.

Bella meets with Shane for her date and Cyrus tags along. She meets him in a bar where he is drinking with his friends Otto and Mini Van. They find out Bella is the 'You Should' girl from the video Shane had. Bella's embarrassed by her title, but Shane assures her it's fine, grabs her, and starts dancing.

Cyrus meets a woman at the bar who is interested in learning how to surf. He tells her that he's with Shane and would love to teach her. She asks if he has a long board for her to use and he says he does. They arrange for Cyrus to give her a lesson.

Shane and his friends then take Bella to a store where they act wild and crazy for the cameras. Bella asks Shane to take it down a notch because she has to shop there later. She tells him that she's going to go, but he asks her to wait. He takes her into a back room with Otto and another guy who start to address his media concerns. They discuss the image he needs to portray to obtain an advertising account and he agrees. Shane tells Bella that most of how he acts is just for show and tells her that he's not that crazy. He asks her to be his date for the surf awards and Bella agrees to give him another chance.

Vivian gets home and tells Augie she's taking a shower. He gets upset that she's spending so much time in the shower. She assures him that she'll leave plenty of water for him. Cyrus returns home and makes fun of Augie's girlfriend using the shower so frequently.

Cyrus then goes to Mini Van and tells him he needs a long board to impress the woman he met. Mini Van tells him that if he gives him muscle massages, he will get him the board for free. When Cyrus goes to collect the board, the manager laughs at him and tells him Mini Van can't be trusted. Cyrus, determined to teach the woman to surf, then goes out and buys his own board. When he goes back to the woman to confirm their lesson, she tells him she found another teacher and points to Mini Van.

Augie takes down the shower head. Vivian comes home, sees the removed fixture and gets upset at Augie. He tells her that he's embarrasses to hear her pleasing herself so often


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