Supernatural Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

While Dean is sleeping, Sam sneaks out and meets up with Ruby. The two drive off together. Dean wakes up to find Castiel watching him. Castiel tells him he needs to stop it, then vanishes. Dean wakes up on a bench in a strange town. He pulls his cell phone out of his jacket, but is unable to get a signal. He walks into a restaurant and sits next to a young man (played by Matt Cohen).

Dean asks the man where he is and is told he's in Lawrence, Kansas. He asks where he can get a signal for his phone and the man says, probably on the Enterprise. Dean sees the waiter dressed in 70s clothes and jokes that Sonny and Cher broke up. The man and waiter look at him in shock. Dean looks around and sees that everyone looks like they're from the past. He looks at a paper and sees the date is April 30, 1973. Dean realizes that the man next to him is his father. The two exchange strange glances, then the man leaves and Dean follows him.

Castiel appears to Dean and explains that time is fluid and although it's not easy, occasionally it can be bent. Then he disappears.

Dean follows the man to a car dealership. He's about to purchase a VW bus, but Dean tells him to buy the '67 Chevy instead. Dean apologizes for being so out of it at the restaurant and thanks him for the coffee. The man introduces himself as John Winchester and Dean says his name is Dean Van Halen. Dean convinces John to buy the Chevy. Then he asks him if he's felt any chills, smelled any sulfur, or seen any mutilated cattle. John gets freaked out and tells him to leave him alone.

Dean continues to follow his dad. He watches him pick up a young woman (played by Amy Gumenick) and realizes it's his mom. He follows them to a restaurant and spies on them through the window. Suddenly the woman appears and fighting ensues. While Dean is getting beat up, he sees that the woman is wearing a charm bracelet. He asks her if she's a hunter and the fighting ends.

After Mary finishes her date with John, she takes Dean to meet her parents Samuel (played by Mitch Pileggi) and Deanna (played by Allison Hossack). Dean tells them that he is a fellow hunter. Mary's father (Dean's grandfather) tells him he doesn't trust other hunters. Mary's mom invites Dean to dinner and he starts to bond with his grandpa. Samuel tells Dean about a farmer's death and strange crop failure that he is going to investigate.

Mary and Samuel, who is dressed as a priest, show up at the farmer's house. Mary goes off to talk to a kid and Samuel goes to the door. Dean, also dressed as a priest, opens the door and surprises Samuel.

Dean then joins Mary to talk with the farmer's son. He tells them that his dad would get drunk and sometimes beat his mom. One day a stranger approached him and asked him if he wanted the beatings to stop. The next day, the farmer was dead and the stranger told the son he'd see him again in 10 years. The son also describes the strangers eyes as yellow.

Dean thinks the son inadvertently made a deal with a demon. He tells Mary and Samuel that he knows what the yellow eyed demon is and that it killed his family. He tells them he's going to Colorado to get Colt's gun, a gun that can kill anything, and come back to kill the demon. Samuel asks how he knows where the yellow eyed demon will be and Dean pulls out his father's notebook. He shows Samuel a list of names of all the people the yellow eyed demon came into contact with. He sees that a woman who lives nearby is supposed to get a visit in a couple days. Dean tells Samuel that his father could see the future and that's how he knows where the demon will be.

Dean goes to Mary before he leaves and asks her about John. She tells him he's sweet and everything a hunter is not. She tells him that she knows John is going to ask her to marry him. She says she hates hunting and can't wait to leave it behind. She tells Dean that her worst fear is that her children will be raised on hunting like she was. Dean makes her promise that she


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