One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 6 Recap

Lucas packs for his book tour. Peyton tells him she's jealous of Lindsey because she's going to get to spend so much time with him. Lucas gets to his first book signing in Omaha and is greeted by a man who is filling in for Lindsay. No one approaches Lucas for his signature except for a young girl who wants him to sign her 'Gossip Girl' book. Mark McFadden, Lucas' old buddy, shows up to support him. At the end of the day, no one buys Lucas' book and Lucas is then told the rest of his tour is canceled.

Nathan and Haley see Samantha sleeping in the back of a car. Haley asks her why she's not at home. Sam explains that she lives with a foster family and the house is too crowded, so she sleeps in a car. Her foster parents don't mind and since they don't abuse her, Sam doesn't want to leave them.

Nathan gets a call from Owen telling him that he has an opportunity for him to play on a basketball team. Nathan goes to check it out and finds out it's a slam ball team. Nathan's worried that he might injure his back playing the extreme sport, but feels if he shows prospectors that he can take on that physical challenge, maybe he'll get an offer to play pro-basketball elsewhere. He talks to Haley and she agrees.

Dan picks Jamie up from school. They run into Deb and Skills. Dan thanks Deb for telling the parole board the truth about Carrie. Deb and Skills leave. Dan then goes back to the school and flashes back to shooting Keith. Nathan walks in and thanks him for saving his wife and son, but says he still hates him for killing his uncle.

Milly unveils an idea board for Brooke, listing all the things she's said she's wanted to do over the years, but Victoria told her she'd never have time to do. Brooke tells Milly that she knows she misses her boyfriend Mark, who is in Omaha, and if she wants to leave at anytime, she can. Milly tells her she wants to stay. Mark and Milly hold a video chat to maintain their long distance relationship.

Haley goes to Brooke at her new shop and asks her if she'll be Samantha's foster parent. Brooke tells her that Sam is too old and she doesn't think she can. Haley tells her she understands and leaves. Later, Brooke finds that Milly added 'Be a Mom' to her list.

Peyton finds Mick passed out on a pool table. She sees his 1 year sober AA chip lying next to him. He wakes up and admits that he's her father. He then gives her the chip explaining that it was her mother's chip and the one year sober was during her pregnancy, which saved her mother's life. He tells her that they gave her up because they knew she would have a better life if they did. He then leaves on a tour and Peyton thanks him for giving her up.

Peyton goes to Brooke, who finally confides in Peyton that she was attacked. Peyton tells her she's her best friend and will always be there for her. They bake cookies and talk about Peyton's father. Brooke says it's too bad you can't pick your parents and Peyton says that it's nice when they pick you, like Larry. Brooke ponders her statement.

Lucas calls Peyton and tells her he's coming home. He tells her that even though his new book isn't selling, it's the best book he's written since it brought them back together. While at the airport, Mark shows up and tells Lucas that he misses Milly and she's more important than his job. He talks him into canceling his flight and driving back with him.

Brooke takes Samantha in and shows her to her new bedroom. Sam says she's never had her own room before and Brooke tells her no boys allowed.


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