My Own Worst Enemy Season 1 Episode 3 Hello Henry Recap

Henry leaves Edward a message saying that he just saw that Dr. Castle was murdered. Henry calls Edward a monster and promises him that he'll kill the monster inside. Henry then watches a return message from Edward telling him that he got his friend killed by exposing him to too much information.

Henry goes to his therapist, Dr. Skinner, and asks how confidential their sessions are. She assures him that she's only concerned about his well-being. He tells her that he knows someone who has done something bad, but it's a friend of his and he can't tell or his life could be in jeopardy. She asks if Henry's life is in danger and he says no. He says it's difficult to explain and again she says that her main concern is his health.

When Henry returns home, he finds Angie in the kitchen unloading all the food from the refrigerator. She tells him the fridge is broken and he needs to get it fixed. Angie asks Henry to walk their dog and take out the trash. She also reminds him that he has to take Ruthy shopping for a dress to wear to her friend's Bar Mitzvah. Henry takes the dog for a walk and encounters Agent Banks who says he works for the FBI. He gives Henry his card and tells him to call if he wants to talk about what happened to his doctor and who he works for. Henry feels Edward waking up and quick leaves a message telling Edward to take his daughter shopping.

Edward wakes up and listens to Henry's message. He then calls into the headquarters and is told that he is supposed to meet with Gael, a weapons dealer, at the marina. Edwards says he's on it and tells Ruthy that they have to make a detour on the way to the dress shop. Mavis then goes over another case in Portland that Raymond is to complete.

Angie meets with Mary, Tom's wife, who expresses concern over discovering porn on Tom's computer. Angie tells Mary not to worry and suggests that she show up at Tom's hotel room in Portland and surprise him.

Edward returns home from taking Ruthy shopping. Ruthy goes to show her mom her new dress. Edward feels Henry returning and quickly leaves a message telling him that he took Ruthy shopping. Henry wakes up to find Angie holding Ruthy's dress and yelling at him for spending $2000 on a dress and also for not fixing the fridge. Henry plays it off by saying he thought it was $200. Henry's phone rings and he ignores the call. Angie tells Henry he needs to be more focused on the family and not so involved in work for a while.

Henry then locks himself in a room and leaves a message for Edward. He tells him that he better try harder at playing Henry or else he won't do a good job playing Edward. He then smashes his finger with a metal object to teach Edward a lesson.

Later, Edward is on a plane getting instructions from Tony. Just as he is a bout to jump, Edward tells Tony that Henry is waking up. Tony says hello to Henry then tells him he has to jump. Despite his objections, Henry jumps and lands in Mexico. He opens up his briefcase and receives a message from Edward. He tells Henry how to access the information in the case with his thumb print and shows him information on Gael. He says that the arms dealer will be arranging a deal with Garcia and tells Henry to put in his ear piece and keep in touch with headquarters. He also tells Henry that he has to do better than break a pinky finger to prove a point and his punishment for Henry is to have no painkillers.

Henry calls into Headquarters and Mavis tells him someone will pick him up. A car a drives up and brings him to Gael's house. Henry is searched with a metal detector, then Gael approaches with a special glove. He finds Henry's earpiece and destroys it. He then shoots the guy who first searched Henry for failing to do his job. Henry asks if he knew the guard who was shot and Gael tells him it was his cousin. Henry then flips and starts talking about how he has a split personality. Gael tells Henry he likes this side of him.

Gael then takes Henry to see his daught


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Nov 5, 2008 1:51PM EST

I found myself becoming quite enthralled with this show once I had figured out who was who. I liked that it is not TV that you can do other things to, but have to pay close attention so that you know which aspect of the double personality is in control. Christian Slater, is quite convincing as both characters, and the way he gets around the uncontrollable change from one to the other is using modern technology at its' best. Want to should at the wife, shold she not be concerned that her husband is sometimes a real wild, daring lover, compared to normal. Hmm, does this spell trouble for the family in future? will one persona win over the other? Still not sure why daring assassing wanted to be home boy with family and exactly what the company that did all this to him, do. Are they into expionage, or science? Cant find episode 4, any ideas?

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